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Movement Training Biomechanics


I was wondering if a person is making that transition from non-athletic
to athletic and is starting to incorporate biomechanic training to
prevent injuries and move properly and more efficiently. Approximately
how many reps and how long of training does it take to become natural
and you naturally do these movements without thinking about them?
Example, Cutting properly, side to side, changing directions, jumping
and landing properly.

An example of a drill that works on this could be something like this video:

I’ve never gone full in with this type of thing, but I have incorporated plyos and bodyweight drills especially from the floor to simply feel better and be more able to apply my strength with the iron to other real life things.

My only suggestion is that if you’ve already build a base of strength with weight training, then start off carefully. I remember when I first incorporated plyos and my ankles were getting torn up in a hurry because I couldn’t land well.

I had the strength and power to jump much higher than pre-lifting me, but I didn’t have the ability to land properly or absorb the shock.