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Movement Problems in Knees and Feet

    Hello everyone,

Ive had arthritis for the past four years in my right knee. the medial meniscus is gone and there is arthritis there but i still have a lateral one. and my left knee is kinda fucked up too.
the mri’s i had done said that i have an imbalance in the knee where the medial side has less joint space than the lateral side(on both knees) and this sucks cause i think im getting tracking issues with my patella. whats worse is i work on my feet alot at a retail store and its hell on my knees, im pretty sure my medial meniscus on my right knee is now torn due to the pain im getting. and whats worse is before i started this job i could cycle and hike really awesomely, but now i cant do these things because my job takes up my knees pain tolerance.

the pt i saw after i had acl surgery on my left knee back in late 09 told me that i walked kind of funny, that i kind of put alot of weight on the outer ridges of my feet. i always did this as a kid alot as i was in martial arts. and i guess i developed a faulty movement pattern over the years. and when i think about it that puts the knee in a shitty place and makes it seem more logical that ive had these joint space imbalances. any thoughts?

i need to get my hands on a good dvd or something and begin training for not only more mobility in the knees and hips. but to fix my movement problems. im only 27 and i dont want to be crippled at 40. but ill never squat or dead lift again. not heavy anyways.

its hard for me to go into alot of detail because im not the most qualified to write about these sort of medical terms. but i hope someone can point me in a good direction, a dvd or something i could order. im trying to fix the way i walk but its hard to remember to actively walk properly all day, especially at my job. its exhausting. not to mention having to maintain perfect poster on your feet all day. what a nightmare!