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Anyone participating in Movember this year?

I'm not a fan of shaving so this would be a good excuse to grow a beard.

I figure who best to participate than T-Men?


What is Movember?



Raises awareness of men's health issues.

Fund raising by sponsoring guys growing a mow.


Elvis Sinosic is doing this for his next fight.

I just read about this this morning.


I'm not really one to concern myself with "male issues." If I suffer, I keep it to myself. If my buddies suffer, I hope they're manly enough to not cry on my shoulder about it.

There's no issue a real man can't solve with a .38 Special and/or alcoholism.


I have been harrassed into it by co-workers, so yes I am. I am clean shaven today and set.


What is a mow?


Well, I can't allow facial hair to grow past a shadow because of where I work. I must stay clean in case of an emergency and have to don a respirator. Facial hair doesn't allow a complete seal.


Moustache. Come on!


Are you an astronaut?

Because that would be awesome.


Me? Hardly. I work in a chemical plant (fluorines). We have emergency respirators in case of a release.



How the hell would an astronaut shave in space?!


why just grow a mustache!?

No Shave November all the way!

Also, this seems like a really cool idea. If they did a better job of marketing, they could get a ton of college kids to grow mustaches and try to get sponsored to do it.


I thought it was a mohawk but that didn't make sense in this context.

Moustaches are for cops. Real men have beards.


Sexual release ?


Mike Mentzer is apparently participating. I already have a beard and stache, but if it means more sex, I'll grow it out more.



You're gonna have sex with Mike Mentzer? I'm really confused.


Pickle surprise!





My beard is now 13 days old and coming along nicely.

No one else man enough to go the mow?