Move to Intermediate or Novice?

Hi mates i have been doing the fierce 5 routine novice from bodybuilding forums and i had deload like 3rd times my numbers are:

Bench: 65 kg
Squat: 77 kg
Ohp: 45 kg
DL: 95kg

Also i have 1,66 cm and weight 64 kg

My question is should i move to a intermediate routine pr stay novice and of kind of routine u recomend also fierce 5 as an U/L version… is there any better out there?

Start you training well (I mean with reasonable periodization) and eating a lot. You don’t train as bodybuilder, you train as a strength athlete. You will get many benefits.

I’d not worry about whether you’re a novice or intermediate. I’m not sure what goal you’re working towards with your lifting, but you’re at a stage where anything sensible will work to add muscle mass and increase your strength.

Pick something that you believe in and run it like hell.


What @twojarslave said.

There is some sense to categorize athletes to these stages, but ppl go way overboard with the subject. Specially the younger athletes (trained under 3-5yrs spesifically for strength) should just stick with the basics.

echoing everyone else. any program will work.

Would 5/3/1 be a good program for me? My goals are physique/strenght and a little size.

Think of your program like a girlfriend. Success is all about how willing you are to commit more than the quality of the girl.

If you look at her and think “she’s great but doesn’t excite me”, chances are it will fall in a heap. But if the girl gets you going and you are willing to bust your ass to make it work then you can overcome many, many flaws.