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Move to Australia

Whats up T-Nation.

Not a whole lot these days I know but I thought I would come here since we are a diverse group and see if I can get some info from you all.

I am moving to Australia soon to pursue grad school. I will be around the Sydney area. Anyone have any tips or advice. What sort of culture shock could I expect? I don’t imagine much. I am from DC metropolitan area. I don’t live in the suburbs exactly but its not quite downtown either.

Funny story I was messaging my soon to be flatmates both of whom are women and I almost ended the message with a “Thanks Mate!” before I thought I should google the etiquette on men calling women mates. Apparently thats not socially acceptable. Haha.

Definitely dreading that flight from LAX to Sydney. I’ve done Newark to Tel Aviv which is roughly 11 hours and the last few hours are miserable I can’t imagine 15.5 hours. I am hoping to fly on the new 787 though I hear great things about that plane.

Don’t offend the prime minister or you need to apologise infront of parliament and then get kicked in the arse with a big boot.

Also the wildlife. The koala, kangaroo and wombat all look cute but are aggressive pricks that will fuck your shit up. Also the platypus is poisonous. Yeah a fucking swimming rat with a duck bill can poison your ass. Guess what that means for snakes and spiders. Then there’s the motherfuckers in the water. Sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish that kill.

Then there’s the sun. Holy shit! I’m not talking about some redness for staying out for 4 hours. That fuck will turn you crimson red in 15 minutes, then you have 3+ days of hellish pain to suffer through for not wearing a hat.


Lol @strongmangoals has been watching too many cartoons. Although he is right about the crocs, sharks and jellyfish… And the snakes and spiders… Platypus are poisonous but you never see them and they arnt aggressive and kangaroos will fuck your shit up If you get them in a boxing ring. The rest of it was a bit dramatic… Except the sun will crispy you up quick…

It’s absolutely socially acceptable to call a chick mate, unless ou are at a fancy place or they are your grandmother. Haha

We drive on the left side of the road and we use the metric system. Everything else is pretty chill and people will help you out when they hear your accent. If you get sworn at by someone when they have a grin on their face, it’s not an insult.

Oh and we don’t tip here except hot bar chicks.

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Fuck off you stupid cunt *smiles

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Good shit champion you’ll love it here
I’m from Sydney so I’ll give you a run down of the shit and what to expect

In the cbd and eastern suburbs (everything east of the cbd) are city slickers. You won’t hear “mate” or much Aussie slang but start venturing south, north or west and it’ll become more prominent.
Our rent prices are absolutely fucked, unless you’re moving north past Sydney, or very west. I live on the central coast which is about an hour north of Sydney, but work here every day and was born here aswell.

We are currently going through a big influx of new and greatly equiped gyms opening up, and every second person is a PT so you’ll have no drama finding a decent one. What suburb are you moving too?

Our main supermarkets are called Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi. Have a heap of secondary supermarkets and plenty of fresh produce markets. Especially if you’re in the eastern suburbs, very hipster through these areas.

We drive on the left hand side of the road, a common greeting between people is “scarrnon cunt” or "what the fucks goin on mate"
Use words like “aw fuck yeah” and “thats bee’s knees mate” and you’ll fit in.
Yeah nah means no
Yeah nah yeah means yes
Yeah nah maybe means no

“Well I didn’t come here to fuck spiders” means let’s get a move on

Our public transportation is pretty average but there are huge improvements going on and our buses don’t take shit from anyone and are your best bet for speed
We have pub and club lock out laws, basically too many people were king hit punching and killing people so the government decided that they are gunna lock out people from these places to stop them from drinking and carrying on.
It’s killed late night wildlife. So if you want to go out for a night on the town, be prepared to end up back home by 11.30

Heaps of brilliant restaurants and food areas.
There is a China town smack bang in the middle of the cbd but literally world famous burger bars and food outlets on every corner.

Best beaches are for sure north and south of the harbour. Bondi is a shit fight too and from. I recommend heading to curl curl or manly beach, or Cronulla even.

Head up the freeway 50kms and you’ll come to my stomping ground
You’ll love it
A lot more laid back than Sydney but just as large non the less
Newcastle is about an hour north of my area and same thing, it’s brilliant up there.

I could go on for ever about it but honestly just go an explore
It is big and our streets arnt like a grid, it’s all over the joint but fuck me it’s hard to get lost.
All our main freeways lead to the city and plenty of highways in between
Get a bike, you’ll be enemy number one but it’ll be the quickest way to get around especially in the eastern suburbs


And if you fly on the new plane, keep an eye out for a blonde hair young lady called called brianna
It’s my cousin
She’s a flight attendant

I just said that to one of my one of my Muay Thai mates after he told me a yarn (story), it sounded a bit bullshit so I slapped him on the back and said “fuck off you silly cunt!” he just laughed and was like “yeah nah, no shit cunt!” I than got in the ring and boxed with a wallaby while he stayed down on the ground doing Clinch work with a crocodile :sunglasses:

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So you beat up midget kangaroos in your spare time…

You’ll enjoy Australia, as long as you’re in queensland.

Go Maroons

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Yeah I uh move on to roos after Xmas :sweat_smile:

Fuck yeah! That’s the smartest shit that has been said so far on this thread!


Nice. Progressive Overload/10

When does diminishing returns come into play?

Yeah mate, I started with possums.

When the roo fucks my shit up so much that I can’t train anymore!

Never. You have unlimited genetic potential in becoming a kangaroo fighting machine.

You continue overloading by pinning the kangaroos with increasing dosages and stronger compounds until they start dropping dead. At which point you fight two at once, start juicing them and so on until you run out of kangaroos in Australia.

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I eat kangaroos


Kangaroo is yum. A bit lean and it can be dry but still yum. Crocodile is really tasty, especially in a meat pie.

Ever had emu? That stuff is gooood