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Move to a Hypertrophy Cycle or Remain Focused on Strength?


Hi Coach,

I’ve been doing mainly strength training for approximately the last 6 months but I feel like I’m plateauing again and I can’t really figure out why. Just to give you a bit of a back ground about myself I’m 23, 5’8 162lbs natural lifter and working out for about 5-6 years now. I’m new to the forum but I’ve read quite a number of your articles and I’ve previously completed the 6 weeks to superhero program. As it is right now my 1RMs (in pounds) are:

Military Press - 175
Bench - 295
Squat - 385
Deadlift - 475
C&J - 265
Snatch - 205

My primary goal is to increase strength/work capacity but in my case should I spend some time focusing on hypertrophy and trying to add some more mass before switching back to a strength cycle? Or should I continue the strength training? Also I know you’ve posted numerous programs but is there any in particular you would suggest for me?


These are some very decent number for your size. BUT your weight is very low for a 5’8" lifter. This indicates that you are doing a lot with the muscle you have. So neural efficiency must be higher. The only way to increase strength significantly would then be to add more muscle to your frame. So an hypertrophy phase, even though it might look like a step backward can be an investment in your future strength gains.


Ok yes understood. Thanks alot!