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Move the Deer Crossing Signs

such a simple solution bwhahahah

I saw this a few days ago but have heard this a few times before, the first time about 20 years ago.

To retain sanity I like to think this an urban legend that won’t die (and by urban legend I mean a woman that thinks the deer cross where a sign is and then complains) but this may very well be something that a lot of idiots think.

This actually sounds like an educated woman who can’t comprehend something a five year old could.

If she is married I can just see the husband saying to her, “go ahead, make your call, sound like a dumb bitch…again”

“maybe move them closer to a small town” lol!

I mean (if she’s for real doesn’t she think it would be hard for the deer to walk many miles along the side of the highway until they got to a sign…and then have to walk the same number of miles to get back to the opposite side of where they were in the first place?

So. Awesome.