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Move Over, Gene...


There's a new Sheriff in town. According to the other forums, Scot Mendelson benched 1008 at the Fit Expo/Ironman meet this weekend, surpassing Gene Rychlak's 1005. He missed 1031 & 1049 on subsequent attempts. I don't have any other details or video links yet. I guess there was a webcast of the whole event, so I'm sure the vid will be out soon. Mendy now holds both Raw and Equipped All-Time records.


what is the raw record?


I think the raw record is 715. Mendy holds this one. I would love to see video if it happenned.


to me that raw lift is a lot more impressive than being decked out in equipment. Still though, both are fucking amazing.


On EliteFTS.com there's an article on some kid who did something like 735 or something. Not sure on the validity though.


The raw record is 715 held by Mendy. He missed 1030 and 1048 after hitting the 1008. As for what's more impressive or whatever, we should probably just ask Mendy, as he's done both. Very impressive for him to extend his raw lead and take back the shirted record within such a short time span (a year or less I believe).


"we should probably just ask Mendy" if it was very impressive for him to do that in a year. Maybe the guy simply expected it and isn't impressed at all.


Hats off the the man...


Was he at 308????


Ok I'm answering my own question. He weighed in at 341 lbs. What a fat ass!! jk :slight_smile:


You obviously have not seen this dude's shirted form in the past. I think the strength was always there but his form was atrocious to say the least. I'd have to think that would get frustrating.



That's the link I found on another site. Though the weight doesn't seem to be mentioned in the video and I haven't bothered to verify it at all.




Am glad he holds the record now as we can have less arguments about gear vs raw as the same guy holds both records!


Judging from the video it looks like he has 460kg on there. Multiply by 2.2 and its 1012. Not sure though.


Absolute truth. The last clip of him I saw was him pushing out 875lbs with a shirt. From 875 to 1008lbs is a monster increase.


Guess what day it was today at the gym? Chest day. Guess what day it is tomorrow? Chest day. Wednesday? Hmm, chest day.

If I never see a bench press again I'd die a happy man.

Regardless, I don't know how someone has the balls to hoist 1000 lbs hoisted inches above his neck. Freakshow!


Why is there no video of this? I've found a video of his failed attempts, and for some reason people keep thinking an old attempt from last august is the right one, but I have yet to see a video of this lift!


Here's the only video I have seen. It IS the one from his recent meet. They don't show his opening 1008, but catch his 1031 and 1049. Scroll about halfway thru the video if you don't wanna see the BB crap at the beginning.


I hope the weight he actually lifted looked better than the second one. His arms aren't even locked out when the spotters let go of it.


I don't remember Mendy going that low on the belly previously. Looks like he just needs to get more technically proficient down there.