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Move or not?

Got a question for my T-Nation bretheren. For the past year I have went through a horrible divorce and have been traveling 95 miles one way to work because of it. Now a new opprotunity has come up for me to move back to where I grew up. suffice to stay it is probably the best shot for me to suceed in my choosen field. However, moving back home means moving back north and leaving my brother and his new family (ie. wife and kid) who I like they will be roughly a 24 hrs drive away and it is a much smaller town than where I currently live which is Austin, TX and not nearly as cool of a town. On the plus side though Cleveland and Pittsburg are only 1 hour away and NYC is about 5 hours away, there is ample snowboarding which I love and miss doing and my parents are still there along with most of my extended family. So should I stay or go?