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Mouthpiece Fitting

Hi guys,

after some months of Muay Thai I’m ready for some light sparring, so I bought myself a decent mouthpiece. Now I have a question about the position of the lower jaw and teeth. I’ve been searching the net, but don’t find a good answer.

When I use my natural bite (lower and upper molars touching), my lower incisors are behind the upper incisors. This means that my lower incisors will not be fitted in the mouthpiece (because a little too far to the rear of the mouth). Should I use my normal bite or should I move my lower jaw more to the front so upper and lower incisors are aligned? The latter means that the molars won’t be touching eachother.

Thanks for the help.

Use your normal bite = the one where your molars are locked into each other, so to speak. The mouthpiece is extra protection - the main one is clenching your jaws and you won’t do that in an artificial, optimised way.

Yeah, Nighthawkz is right. Bite down on the guard with the molars so that even when you aren’t clenching your teeth, the guard would sit snugly between them. Then when you do grit your gnashers the guard is securely squeezed. That said, wearing mouthguards for years playing rugby, I dislike them intensely. To the point where I often played matches and sparred without. I wouldn’t recommend being dumb like me though. It results in further dumbness from injuries.