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Mouthpeice When Lifting


Any of you lifters wear a mouthpiece to prevent cracked or chipped teeth when lifting?

Do you guys recommend it as I have a weak right rearmost molar that is getting a crown put on it tomorrow. Want to protect my investment.

Any advice or anecdotes are appreciated.


You might as well. It sure as hell isnt going to cause any damage.




I hear you. I knocked a big chip out of a front tooth when I was a boy. I had a partial installed, and have knocked it out near a half dozen times. I have never knocked myself silly with weights, but have had many near misses that made me think a mouth guard may be a good idea.

I went to WalMart and bought a $.97 football mouth guard. You boil it, then form it to your top teeth. Cut off the front strap, and you are set. You don't want that nasty thing sitting around, so ask your friendly neighborhood orthodontist for a retainer case. I got one for FREE.

I don't wear a guard all the time, but it seems like a good idea when projecting Dumbells toward your mouth.


One of the guys I lift with wears one. I'm not sure if he wears it to protect his teeth, I think it's so he has something to bite when he lifts. I'll ask him next time I see him.


To everyone who thinks I damaged a tooth with weights like a dumbbell... I said MOLAR which is the tooth in the BACK of your mouth and my tooth was damaged by the clenching of the jaw in ME lifts... Smartasses LOL read the whole thread


I noticed Scott Mendelson pulling one out after benching in a video on here. Other than strange stares I'm sure you'll be good to go. If they ask, just tell people that your box squat is so explosive on DE days your head hits the ceiling and you are afraid of getting knocked out.


Why not? Sounds like a smart investment, and if a little added protection makes you feel more comfortable and secure, by all means go for it. Maybe keep a rag or baggy nearby to put it on/in between sets when you try to catch your breath.


Yup. I use either a piece of 11mm rope, or twist my shirt up, but may switch to a plain old mouthpeice at some point. I started doing this after cracking my wisdom teeth. That hurt!
I also read a while back something about them being beneficial to some degree. Check the archives. you may get lucky.