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Moussaoui Trial


Are all my right wing weenie friends waiting for the talking points memo before you start trying to spin this one?

So which one is the terrorist sympathizer? The left-wing judge with the anti-Bush agenda?

Or was the dip-shit lawyer really an al-Qaida plant, sent to sabatoge the trial?


How idiotic and moronic.

Everytime I second guess myself for my voting record, someone like you pops up and validates my decision.

Who has opined this is a poor decision? When the outcome decides life and death, all effort should be made to assure even handness regardless of the accused crime.

The lawyer is a bonehead.

I'm quite sure you two will have plenty to talk about.


Aw, thanks Sassy. That was sweet.


Our legal system fucks up on a regular basis.

What does this have to do with right or left?

It is obvious he wanted to learn to fly planes into buildings. It is also obvious that he is a follower of Bin Laden.

I think it is a mistake to put him to death. That will only make him a martyr.

Let him rot in solitary for the rest of his life.