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Mounting Heavy Squats


Hello all.

I am starting to get fairly heavy on squats. About 320 in the OVT program. I am wondering, however, if I am mounting correctly in the rack.

Am I supposed to step backwards after getting the bar on my shoulder? Should I be directly under? I just don't want to hurt myself and would liek some input or a link to an article. Thanks!



Hmm, dont know what the OVT program is but yeah..I know how to squat though :).

Umm it matters what rack really. If its really that annoying for you to step back...then just use a power rack, after you dismount the rack your pretty much fine with room(even though youll be really close to the edge of the rack.

With a regular ol' squat rack youre gonna have to step a little away. At least I always do. I dont see why it would be so hard unless your maxing out...