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Mounting Fears of 'Cyber-Pearl-Harbor', Escalating Attacks on Banks

"The US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has warned that the country could face a ‘Cyber-Pearl-Harbor’ in the near future and has drafted new rules which would enable the American military to move quickly to thwart any such attacks. Panetta is also concerned that the â??scale and speedâ?? of the bank attacks is unprecedented. The digital attacks have continued this week despite a warning from him that America has the ability to determine who is responsible. Specifically, Panetta said, â??Potential aggressors should be aware that the United States has the capacity to locate them and hold them accountable for actions that harm America or its interestsâ?? to business executives in New York.

Panetta also said that Iran has â??undertaken a concerted effort to use cyberspace to its advantage.â?? Panetta added that digital attacks emanating from foreign soils could paralyse the country’s power grid financial networks and transportation system saying that a cyber attack had the potential to “paralyse and shock the nation and create a profound new sense of vulnerability.” “If we detect an imminent threat of attack that will cause significant physical destruction in the United States or kill American citizens, we need to have the option to take action against those who would attack us, to defend this nation when directed by the president,” Panetta said in the speech to top business executives in New York.

Panetta also added that the “Shamoon” virus which attacked Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Aramco, was probably the most destructive attack the business sector has seen to date. The virus also struck a joint venture between the US oil firm ExxonMobil and state-controlled Qatar Petroleum. Iran is suspected of taking revenge for US sanctions by targeting oil companies with cyber attacks, knocking out Saudi Arabiaâ??s Aramcoâ??s computers for two weeks. A disruption to Saudi Arabia’s oil exports could cause oil prices to spike from their already elevated prices and tip the fragile global economic recovery into recession."


Firebombing their cities would cure them of this shit soon enough.