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Mountaindog1 Upper Chest Tutorial

Picture paints a thousand words!
Thank you for the great tutorial on upper chest on youtube today with John Meadows. I can read something 10 times and don’t get it. Show me once with an explenation and you quickly realise how much less weight you need to feel targeted muscle working. Again I thank you for all you do!

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Glad you liked it! We should be doing more work in Vegas this next week.

I really enjoyed that video. Clear and informative.

Any plans on shooting one for the delts as well?

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Thanks for that video Paul! And thanks to christos for bringing this up because otherwise I wouldn’t know about it lol.
I agree, I finally got it, as my english is not perfect, although many times I understand but not really sure, this time I am finally sure about that arm path for upper chest.
Thanks guys

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Just saw your High Intensity Back workout with John…insane. That equipment was pretty damn slick too. Makes me want to take up another job or 2 and expand my garage.

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Yeah I enjoyed these videos as well. Very informative and the intensity is fun to watch and see where to take failure sets to.

I’m still limping around four days after the leg day with John. It was unreal brutal.

Hey Paul

Can I inquire what stuff that crazy Mountain Dog put you through in that particular session?



The whole workout will be on his YouTube