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Mountain Warfare


I just got back from the MC Mountain Warfare Training Center earlier today, and was wondering if anyone here has ever done any training there. If so, mention a little bit about what you did there.


I did the Mountain Medicine Course there at Bridgport in 2004. It was a great time. Course was mostly horse/mule packing, top rope climbing, rappeling, and high angle rescue


My battailion is the 3/172 INF Mountain unit out of Vermont. Battalion runs the mountain course up there in Jericho, VT. Special Forces, Rangers and my battalion used to be the only ones going through it. Last year the Army said that all active duty were eligible. I have'nt gone through yet. I can't seem to retain all of the knots.
Every knot has to be perfect, you have to know the reason the knots being used and all the check points.

You walk everywhere, it's all uphill and when its downhill its sucks just as bad. Theres land nav too.It sucks and getting lost is too easy. They never tell you that you should use an altimeter instead of a compass. Its a very hard course. Even SF and Rangers drop out not to mention us MTN infantry guys.

I know its not the Marine Corps course but I hear about it alot. Every drill and AT someones got a story about it.


Been working in the Academics section for the last few months. Basically train the instructors and assist with the MLC. What do you want to know?


I went to cold weather survival school at Bridgeport back in 96. Very cold and very hungry, good times.


Mountain climbing as a screename?

Anyway, does the US have special mule units for the mountains?

I know that we and the Suisse do, for obvious reasons.


No special mule units here. As far as I know, we are the mules.


MULES....yeah....for lazer guiding munitions. Man portable and sucks to carry in your ruck.

None of you fekkers ever had to carry one?


Hmmm...then times have changed. I went through the course at Jericho back in 1990, and was just a regular dude. Maybe the only people recently taking advantage of the Mountain Warfare Course at Jericho were SOF-types? Or was it really closed off to big Army? And I agree with you- the course was no joke.


Yeah sorry, I just asked an old timer who had done the course a long time ago. He said civilians can go through it too. I havent heard of any though. I mean, you would'nt know it from the way my buddies talk.
Some guys are SF and Ranger groupies, so they only talk about the cool SF guys or how hard the course is.


Still got my coffee cup from my last trip in the mid nineties.