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Mountain Dog Type Training

I’m coming off a run of 5/3/1. I injured my lower back and groin doing a set of the deads after the squats for the BBB challenge. It was my own fault for not wearing a belt but oh well. Right now my biggest goal is to drop some weight. I peaked at 265lbs but I’m 250lbs right now and have set a goal of dropping to 200 by December. I will just being eating sensibly right now as I’m up at my grandparents house and getting taking out to eat alot.

Tonights Training
Incline Bench Wide Grip 3 sec descent no touch at the bottom no lockout
95/3/10 great pump
Slight incline Smith Machine bench
This assumes smith machine weighs 45lbs (probably less)
115/10,135/10,155/3/10 no lockout and no touch bigger pump
Chest Press Machine 3 sets of 10
Seated Bradford Press 3 sets of 10 65lbs
Side Laterals machine 3 sets of 10
Shoulder Press machine 3 sets of 10 no lockout
Forgot socks and the bike seat made my future children hurt so no cardio

Switching programs already??

[quote]TheTexican wrote:

Switching programs already??[/quote]

I can’t really squat or pull with my groin. I think its pulled hopefully. It happened last summer and I took about a month off from lower body work then came back and worked with light weights for about another month. That’s the plan again, I’d rather take it easy for 2 months than keep going heavy and blow something out and be really hurt. I’ll keep a 5/3/1 bench day on fridays to keep building strenth there and run the meadows type stuff as assistance work.

Back Day Tonight
Smith Machine Row 95/10,115/10,135/3/10 real hard squeeze at the top.
Seated narrow Row worked up to 91/3/10 really focus on pulling through my elbows
Seated Wide Row worked up to 91/3/10 Got a good squeeze from these
Lat Pulldowns Wide Grip 3/10 got a really good stretch at the top this really made it work a lot better
DB Shrug 3 sec hold at the top 35s/10,40s/10 I really liked these
I was tired from carrying tile and concrete all day working on my grandmas house

5/3/1 Bench Day Arms Day
Bench Wide Grip Elbows Out
Close Grip Bench 135/8,6,6
Hammer Curls 15s/10,20s/10,25s/3/10 cheated reps after failure hard squeeze at rep
Preacher Curl bar/10,10s/8,5s/3/10 good stretch at the bottom of each rep hard squeeze at the top focused on the left arm since my right is a lot bigger
Rope Pushdown
30/10,40/10,50/10,60/10,70/3/10 about a 2 sec squeeze at the bottom
Bicep Curl 15s/10,20s/6 called it here couldnt flex my biceps any more due to the tricep pump

Little Bit of Legs and some cardio
Still can’t do any kind of squatting or leg pressing due to the groin
Leg Extensions worked up to 110/3/10 hard squeeze at the top
Seated Leg Curl worked up to 70/10,90/2/10 really tried to squeeze at the bottom extreme hamstring cramp
Did 2 sets of 5 wide stance box squats with just the bar
Cardio 20 mins 10 incline 2.5 speed heart rate was 155 both times i checked no hands other than checking

Found a bulge in my upper thigh after looking at some pics i think its a inguinal hernia. I’m out of town so i’ll be trying to find a doc that takes my insurance tomorrow. Hopefully this will only be a small setback. Any advice is welcome.

Went to the doc today turns out i just have a badly strained muscle in my inner thigh and most likely a pulled groin, but NO hernia. I’ll be taking the rest of the week off from all lifting and start back training upper next week with a lot of lower stretching.