Mountain Dog Training?

Anyone have any experience using Mountain Dog training programs or concepts? I’m 37 yrs old with 18 yrs of training experience. 5’10", 191 lbs, approx. 12-14% (using skinfolds & BIA). Been doing standard push/pull/legs for the past 2 years.

Any thoughts on MD? Thanks!

the legs workouts are amazing they give me very good quad size

Any suggestions on modifying the volume/frequency of the workouts? I’m drug-free and not a BB competitor. Thanks!

Meadows’ training concepts have been hugely influential on me. They can be applied to a Push/Pull/Legs/(Off) split as they are.

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So, applying his methods means you have a variety of rep ranges you use in each workout, correct?

For me, the takeaway messages regarding his training philosophy concern 1) proper exercise sequencing, and 2) the judicious application of intensification techniques and volume accumulation. His rep ranges are all over the map. If you haven’t already, read his articles here on TN. Read the Legs article first, as it goes into the most detail concerning his general philosophy (in addition to the specifics of leg training). Then read his other training article: Delts, Chest, Back, Arms.

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Cool! Thanks, EyeDentist!!

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Personally I say cut out the drop sets/beyond failure stuff, especially if natural.
-The overall volume alone and technique tweaks are a very strong stimulus, and if anything strength gains will be even better.

Also Start off with 4 days a week

Yes, I will definitely go just 4 days/week if I follow this plan.
Part of my problem is: I don’t know what I want to focus on…strength or hypertrophy. Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. But to optimize one or the other, that has to be the focus. So I don’t know whether to follow a mountaindog style program, or maybe adopt a 5/3/1 template, or something else…

Well I guess thats down to you.:confused:

As long as you keep a rep in the tank with MD either should get you both stronger and add muscle if you are putting in hard work in the gym. 12 week run of each at different points in the year is not a bad strategy…

What are your strength levels like -bench, deadlift etc?

What is your current training history? Current max lifts?

I like the idea of building a good solid base of strength before really even thinking about hypertrophy. Hypertrophy will come when focusing on strength to a certain degree, often dependent on your current training history.

I’m 37, 5’10", 196lbs, ~15%BF (skin fold test). Been training off and on for about 18 years.
My PRs:
Deadlift 410x1
Squat 325x1
Bench 215x6
Chin ups 18 max reps

Ok, well those are some very respectable numbers. I think you are beyond “building a base”. I’m always torn a bit between the two, focusing on hypertrophy vs focusing on strength. That is why I typically run a strength oriented program (5/3/1, Layers, Etc) for 6-8 weeks followed by a hypertrophy oriented program for a similar amount of time (most recently ran John Meadow’s Reactive Pump program). I’m not saying that this is the most effective rotation of training blocks by any means, but I enjoy the change and am able to keep intensity fairly high in the gym.

I think it is a bit of a mix of what works best for you, and what can keep you consistently putting in solid work in the gym.

Perfectly solid numbers but would say get your bench in the 3s, 5 plate dead etc first.
These can put on a chunk of muscle as well as strength gains…

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I like that template from Matt Rhodes. I may give that a shot for 8-10 weeks, then try some Meadows programming after that. Thanks!!