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Mountain Dog Training


Hey Everyone,

I recently got interested in mountain dog training, and have been trying to find more info about how to setup a 12 week cycle. Has anyone put one together for himself and can help me to put everything together?



I would just set up a traditional split routine and follow the methods in the Mountain Dog articles.




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god yes. Thanks for the offer. I hate doing laundry especially the folding.


Dude, just use the principles or some of his techniques or whatever. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.


IF you really want someone to set it up for you, why don't you just hire John Meadows? You wouldn't have to bother trying to figure it out yourself, and would probably get better results then if you did it yourself anyways...


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Lol...a bit harsh guys don't you think :P?

OP, there are a ton of articles on Meadows' training style and setup. Look them up. They will literally tell you exactly how to set up a 12 week training cycle/give you an idea of the type of exercises/reps/etc he incorporates.