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Mountain Dog Training When Dieting Down?


So I stopped doing Mountain Dog training for a few weeks.....

...and now my shoulder is acting up again, my knee is bugging me and my eblow tendonitous is flaring up again. Seriously, 2 weeks or so of just going back to a traditional split and my old injuries are already bugging out after 3 months of zero pain.

JM is a vodoo witch doctor.

Anyways im starting up another 12 week training cycle. Anybody stick with MD training during a dieting down phase? I hate the term 'recomp' but that is bascially how i treated my first MD training cycle and had some amazing results.


could you post some links to the workouts? I have a bum shoulder and am having trouble putting size on them since I can't OH press without discomfort.


Just search mountain dog on the search box and they will all come up


I started Mountain Dog training right at the beginning of my cut in November, really hurt my pride with all pre exhaust mixed with being depleted :frowning:


You might want to post this question in his forum and get his response.


I think JM would probably just say train the same, but make sure peri-WO nutrition is on point. Maybe not quite as high volume? Maybe less intensity techniques like dropsets and such.

I feel you can train the same regardless of being in a surplus vs deficit. I did Big Beyond Belief on a deficit, no problem. Only difference to me is whether you're going to 'grow' or not, and if you're doing something more high volume like MD training, I wouldn't go low carb for dieting.


Not really asking a question geared at Jon, more of a request for annecdotal experience.


if MD training helped you put on muscle then i would think it would also be the best routine to use while dieting down to preserve as much muscle mass as possible.


I hate to see people stuck into thinking they need different programs for "bulk/cut/recomp"


Just finished dieting with Shelby and he wrote the programing for that phase. It's a similar style (not the same) to Meadows, definitely kept all my muscle and strength through the process. I'm a fan of using what built the muscle to keep it.


Taken me too long to realize that the differnce should be diet changes, not training.


I'm curious how much volume did shelby have you doing?


It was a Push/pull/legs 4 days a week. Volume was pretty similar to what JM outlined in the Mountaindog for intermediates. Sets were 9-12ish for chest, 8ish for shoulders and 8 ish for triceps for example.

I'm still working with him for lean gains, but writing my own workouts but I'm sticking with the P/P/L and similar volume since it worked well and I was really never burnt out by it.