Mountain Dog Routines

Looking for more than the couple of routines that they posted on here for Mountain Dog training. Unless it’s ok to just do the same routine for each body part and just up the volume as per different phases.


Last week for back it was
Ex 1: Meadows Rows 3 x8
Ex 2: DB deadstop rows 3 x8
Ex 3: Stretchers 2 x 12
Ex 4: Heavy partial pulldowns 2 x 8
Ex 5: Hyperextensions 3 x 10

This week do I just do the same thing and just try a little more weight or is it better to change exercises?

Here is a full program from John

I believe its one of the only “free” ones available online, and the principles in it are geared for the Pump effect since it is tailored to be used with PLAZMA.

You can get a feel for the way he lays things out though (Pump ~> Heavy ~> Pump ~> Stretch/Explosive)

The options are endless with his methods, it is generally not recommended to do the same workout over and over and he changes them weekly from what I know. For intermediate lifters he keeps a Key movement in ( like the Incline Press for the chest workout, or Squats for the leg workout) to monitor progress.