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Mountain Dog for Shoulders

did John Meadow’s Mountain Dog shoulder traing the 4x35 incline rear delt flys and 4x35 lateral swings and man 2-3days later i can stil fell my shoulders are still fatigued

Here’s a few other fun ones for toasting the delts:

Lateral raises: sets of 8 strict + 12 partials

Rear delt flyes on pec dec: a giant drop set of 30+25+20+15, rest about 2 min then ADD about 50lbs and do a second heavier drop set of 10+8+6

I just tried Meadows’ new Scrape the Rack Press as seen in his 1/22/13 article “A New Way to Over Head Press”. It’s great!!. No past shoulder problems occured. It’s a very useful read.

sweet guys will be sure to give it a try