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Mountain Dog Diet Thread


For those who don't know, this is a diet advocated by the brilliant John Meadows. It emphasizes QUALITY, such as organic, non-processed foods and healthy fat sources (grass-fed beef, organic whole eggs, virgin coconut oil).

Personally, I adhere to the diet 90% of the time (as best as I can as a poor college student), and I stay MUCH leaner then I did before being at this weight, lost what seemed to be straight fat within the first week of adopting the diet, and feel tremendously better overall.

Any other great experiences? Pics? Great recipes using the foods of the diet? Discussions on WHY it works so well, ect?? Basically anything Mountain Dog Diet, discuss it here!


I have eaten like this since before I knew who John was... Although my eggs aren't organic just freerange.


I've read the main post that John did regarding this diet, but can someone give me a more detailed list of the foods, and more importantly the macro nutrient breakdown that he suggests?

What foods are allowed?

What protein/carb/fat breakdown does he suggest?


Go to the nutrition section on: http://www.mountaindogdiet.com/


I found this in another thread, helps give you an idea


really? we need another diet with some fancy name? guess "Don't eat shit, eat quality organic proteins/fats" isn't sexy?


what an irrelevant post. you complain about the most retarded shit.


Perfect. Thanks for posting that.


really? No knock on the "maker" of this diet, it's genius really to label a sensible way of eating. Honestly, what makes this diet different than any other similar diet?

if it something noticable and I'm not wasting my time to compare, maybe someone who knows more about this diet, what's the need for distinguishing it?


I personally feel John Meadows distinguishes himself enough, in terms of nutrition, to be able to call it his own way of eating. The reason is the certain types of foods he likes to incorporate for liver health, adrenal health, digestive health, etc. Such as: red palm oil, lemon juice/cranberry juice, grass-fed stuff, kim chi, pineapple for digestion, and combining a low-GI carb with a good source of fat as a pre-workout meal for sustained energy (Ezekiel bread + butter).

Also: I don't think JM is trying to say (by putting his name on this 'diet') that he came up with anything new; it's just a way of marketing himself more easily to clients.

Note: my original post came off harsh. Didn't want to sound that way but that's how it came out. sorry.


No hard feelings, you dick... Nice summation though, that puts it at least in a different light than the original post


lolz. agreed


So true. Nothing that Meadows advocates is original. He's simply attached it to an image and a representation of success (himself) to make a profit (which I have nothing against).


In all fairness, nothing in the nutrition and weight lifting world is new. Most of what you read today is repackaged from the 70's and earlier.


what foods does he recommend for adrenal health? ive read some of his stuff but i guess i missed it.




he's also made a livespill thing of it.


Good thread.



For those who want more info on the diet, here's a good article on it


I'm growing weary of all these 6-8 meal a day plans. Seems to me that Meadows puts way too much emphasis on the minutia like "organic" or "grass fed" and all these specialty oils and "cleansing" foods he advocates. A guy like Meadows probably feels the minutia make a difference to him at his level, but to 90% of the people on this site, these details are likely in the noise. Heck, didn't he have part of his intestine removed? I could see where that would drive someone to the extreme in terms of worrying about the minutia of what he eats.