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Mountain Dog Diet and Training


I've just completed my first 12 weeks of training with JM. He and I are now working together for my diet and training for the next year +. My first update is tomorrow with him and I'll post it in the forum. I can answer questions about food, and some training, but he's asked me to not post the workouts (obviously). Every once in a while I can post a full workout though. So feel free to ask any questions you may have!


So you are now OFF the Carb-back loading ? ? ?

Why the change ? ?

What changed ?


Yes off the backloading. It was awesome while it lasted, but I want to have someone look over my progress. I'm not too good at regulating myself. I'd like to get physique competitor lean and JM is the guy to take me there. He's still an advocate of PWO carbs sort of like backloading, but it'll be more his plan than trying to figure things out on my own. Plus I'm changing my nutrition for optimal health. And I'm not entirely sure where cheesecake and cinnabons fit into that :slight_smile:

I'll still answer questions to the best of my ability about CBL, and my hope is that the forum thread continues to flourish with more success stories and more people offering advice to those who need it.


So you have to back load with cheese cake and cinnamon buns come on. You want optimal health you could still backload. Dont use that as an excuse. I think backloading will be very good for health actually. Having insulin low for a large portion of everyday and every off day for a full day is very good for health.

But its always good to have someone else to do the thinking for you when its your first time getting very lean. JM is the man


I suppose it's not the best excuse, but I really want to get lean. Abs lean. I just don't think I can get there on my own is all.


Can you post an entire day's detailed macro breakdown, both for a training and an off day?


Yes. Since the diets are individual I can post everything about them


This is the email I sent to John today.

Week 1, 5/20/12 - weight: 238.0, strength is going well. I didn't have consistent access to a scale but I know about 7-10 days ago just before I started my weight was mid 240. I'd like to incorporate fruit if at all possible, so let me know if. I also had a deviation last week, but I kept it fairly small. So that's progress for me. And this upcoming week is week 12 of the first training block, so if you wanted to start the next cycle that would be awesome!


another shot, the camera flash isn't very flattering and can really wash me out.




JM is keeping everything the same this week since I dropped a few pounds. Might be incorporating some fruit PWO.

As it stands right now here is the breakdown

Training days: (4x per week) 2,566 cals. 300g protein, 130g carbs, 94g fat

Non-training days (3x per week) 2,546 cals. 295g protein, 148 carbs, 86g fat.

I'm also doing cardio 4x per week in the morning fasted.


More carbs on non-training days?


For now yes. But I'm sure it will change as needed!



ALso i thought he wanted you gaining before you leaned out?


It's only been the first week. He's still in the process of finding a baseline for me. We talked about it for a bit and I'm thinking it would be best if I had visible abs and a leaner lower back before we started putting weight on me. At least that way the majority of the weight I gained would be muscle.


Isn't the difference in macros and overall calories between the two days so small that it's not even worth noting?


Is he going to make you go all organic / grass-fed? If so, there goes your wallet... LOL...


Right now it's just a base. He want's to see how I respond to it, and so far it's been good. I've dropped a few pounds already. Once things progress the differences between the two days will be more apparent.


Not yet. I specifically asked him to make a plan for me that was a shake-meal-shake style to keep it cheaper. Once I get my job started and can afford the finer things I'll ask him to include those. But for now it's geared more towards cheaper. Effective, but cheaper.


If I recall, with CBL, you weren't seriously tracking cals, just overall grams of carbs, right? Does John have you tracking calories?