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Mountain Biking and Lifting Conflict

I’m 33 years old and have been lifting for 15+ years now. I have recently gotten back into mountain biking and there is a group ride on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I lift with a couple of friends on M-W-F afternoons fullbody.

Needless to say the 90 minute bike rides over the hilly terrain here in WV are taking some out of my legs on weight training days. Anyone else here an avid mountainbiker? How do you structure your routine around riding. Btw my goals in weight training are to get a little leaner and stay lean and fit overall while maintaining my current strength level. Right now I’m about 10% bf and looking to get to 8% and stay there so the extra activity can’t be all bad.

Squat on a saturday and your legs should have time to be recovered between rides. Eat plenty of protein before and after you head out on the bike as well.

Why not just do a ramping set program like bill starrs 5x5 routine? I think this would allow you to make gains still and not fatigue you to where you can’t mtb!!!

5x5s or 10x3s would probably help the most during the summer. Cycling also discourages hypertrophy. I know people will say that some cyclists have big legs but those are usually reserved for the genetically gifted in the bunch.

I am a competitive road cyclist but have been lifting much more this summer as my goals change. My speed as well as my leg “snap” have suffered.

It is a fine balance to do both well. I have yet to find it and I have been racing off and on since 1987.