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Mount Rushmore and Obama


Do you ever think Obama's face will be on it?


I can't see it happening any time soon. To much hate on him. I would however like to see it just because of the significance of it.


He'd have to get started pretty soon if he wants to finish it


Why not? He's black, an ultra liberal and no one in the MSLM can say a bad word about him regardless of many of his idiotic policy's. So sure....I say it could happen.


Now be honest, who is at this point willing to do it just for the lulz?

It is not as if it mattered anymore anyway.


Will the rock be blackened? Will they paint it or use a dark granite?


I cannot believe that you would not consider black marble.

It would still remind posterity that once the US could afford to spend like a drunk sailor long after welfare benefits have poofed out of existence.


No we need to spend that money on welfare for the good of the nation. How about just a big ole banner in black and white?
What do u think?


I think shades of grey would be appropriate, white would be entirely too optimistic.


But when its dark we wont be able to see him, so we may have to put lights underneath or make it glow somehow at nightime or just make him white.


Well, if we go that route anyway, what about a light sculpture, Leni Riefenstahl did some eee-xcellent documentation on them.

They seem to have been quite a hit.

Surely in this day and age we can do better and project his head in the air 3x3x3 kilometers.

I think it would only be right to power that with windmills or solar energy.


tremendous lulz to be read here


Well Im not familiar with Leni Reifenstahl works, but 3x3x3 seems a little to small for his head. Its fill with ego and air so it has to be much larger.
We should power it with Obama voters on stationary bikes but they must be volunteers only. So they can show how much they love him.


This thread reads like literate youtube comments.


An oxymoron if there ever was one.