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Motrin's Affect on the Body?


I believe I read somewhere on this site that motrin, even though it helps releave the muscle sorness also hinders the bodies ability to grow as well.

Personally I love the feel of sorness but the reason I'd be taking motrin or ibuphrphine would be for my shoulder (popped my bursa).

The doctor said I should take motrin to reduce inflamation so it can heal but I was just wondering how much hinderance it has on my muscle development.

Thanks again guys..


There is not much research in real people for these supposed effects on muscle hypertrophy potential. It is mostly derived from petri dish studies.

However, the anti-inflammatory effects of the medication and faster healing of your shoulder is probably a better cost-benefit ratio than not taking anything and add a week off training your shoulder. Besides, the longer inflammation goes on, the worst it is for your tissues in general.

For me, this would be a no brainer, hell, I'd even apply topical PenSaid on the shoulder (if it were not just approved for the knees).

Anyway, good luck to you.