Motrin a Must with EDT

In my last post, I was soliciting thoughts on EDT. Why ? Because (as we all know)there is alot of BS out there and I did not want to fall victim to another “promise you the world” routine. Additionally, being a CPT,there was an element of pride that I had to swallow, seeing that I was considering following a program I didn’t designed myself. It looked great on paper, but was there anything I had missed during my evaluation. Well I’m here today to say to hell with my pride! This system is the Sh!#@%!!. I trained back and triceps the other day and the following morning, could not lift my arms above parallel due to painfully sore lats. I have ten plus years of training under my belt and have never experienced such deep muscle soreness in the region of my lats than I did that morning and to this day. The funny thing is, I felt the workout was a little to submaximal. Thank you Charles, I think I just added some size to an area of the lats that I never knew existed.

I found that I really had to up my calories with EDT. If you are doing compound movements, you’re doing a heck of alot in the gym. It might help with the soreness.