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Motorized Bicycle Me Wants...


I've realized this semester, I've spent 2k on my car. It has been the greatest expenditure I've had. It doesn't seem to that my car will begun to function better and better, but rather only decay further. With THE economy as it is, and MY economy as it is, I think it is time to be more resourceful. Thus except for long trips, I am going to ride my bike pretty much everywhere. School, Work, Social Interactions...

Now when riding 8 miles plus, it could get to be pretty tiring and a drag so, I am going to get a motorized bike. Like a moped, one where you can turn on a motor that pushes the wheels while you pedal them as well.

Does anyone have any experience with them? Is it easy enough to rig one up, should I make one? Let's brainstorm upon this.


I have one. Prepared to get laughed at, alot.
But otherwise the bike is run on a battery and a small motor but with pedals as well.

http://www.uk-mini-motos.co.uk/images/electric_bike_LL509.jpg something like this


im speechless..

thank God the bath houses are downhill from campus!




I don't think that looks 'nerdy.' I'm going to get a rear-mounted bike motor, this DAX Titan preferably, and put it on a hard core mountain bike.