Motorist vs. Courier: Road Rage In Pictures

“According to Adam, the story goes like this: Motorist throws food out of window; Courier riding by picks up food and throws food back in car; Motorist dumps coffee on courier; Courier (ed: accidentially) scratches car with key. And then the sequence of photos.”

Check out the link. That dude is nuts. Hot girlfriend though. This took place in Kensington Market, Toronto.

Anyone know who he is?

That guy needs a beatdown.

I hate the bike couriers in Calgary. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they’d shoulder-check, cignal, and maybe stay out of the middle of every damn road during rush hour. Everyone needs to make a living but for the love of god I’ve wanted to stomp a few of them for their ig’nant attitudes.


Damn, he went for a girl???

He’s got a serious anger problem.

Overused phrase but in his case it’s really true.

I’d probably tell her to get fucked if I was really angry but to get physical? No way, no way. That is NOT what you do.