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Motorcyclists, Post Your Rides


Heres my hoopty:

01 Honda VTR1000 Superhawk.

Love vtwins. Especially ones that are related to my favorite bike in the whole world, the RC51.


2006 CBR1000RR all black

I have never gotten this many compliments on a bike before. It handles like nothing else I've ridden.


upsized from the 600 bro? definetley a little more "your size" nice bike.


83 Honda VF750F Interceptor

Runs like a champ and still looks nice and shiny.

Just rode it to Vermont and back a few weeks ago almost 400 miles each way.


I got tired of being told I looked like a bear on a tri-cycle.


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2005 VTX 1300.


That is pure insanity. Very clean. I like it alot.(Jim Carrey voice impersonation)


Don't know why it looks so grainy but here is my bitch.....


2001 FXDX Super Glide Sport.


very nice bikes. Prof why did you decide to go for the Honda. They don't get a lot of love in the liter bike trim, but i find them great contenders in balance.

duuude KTM! My bro has a KTM Duke II. that's definitely a bike I'm for SURE going to get when i get the cash. Either that or i'm gonna get the 625 supermoto, or any old dirtbike and make it street legal.

long live super motards.


This is my bike...


I love that bike prof
I noticed all the pic i have of my bike have me on it so i had to get one from the site.... '02 954 rr only difference mine has the undertail done, a d&d exhaust wtih a zero gravity shield other than everything else is exactly the same.


in my opinion,
one of the greatest bike lineages ever created. the VF/VFR/Interceptor.

The only bike that despite being a nonpurpose built racer and pretty heavy weight, always has me feeling the most comfortable at ridiculous lean angles and speeds. How they made that bike so comfortable and fast is amazing.




The balance on this is unmatched. As far as why I got that instead of an R1, it was just impulse. I saw it and liked it. Then I rode it and loved it...therefore, I bought it. Anyone speaking bad about the new Honda liters has obviously not ridden one. That isn't to say the Yamahas are weak. I had an R6 for about 3 years.


You chromed it out? That looks tight.


Whats up now? The first and only bike I ever owned. 1971 Honda 100cc. Keep drooling boys. I got it when I was 14 (you could get a motorcycle licence at 14 in Oklahoma in 1988, no idea if thats still true). I bought it in 88 with 300 miles on it. Some guy bought it to learn to ride, laid it down one time, then it sat in his garage for 17 years. It was enough to get me to my girlfriends house though.

Mine was blue!


I bet you still look like a circus bear riding a tricycle on that little thing. You need a big cruiser.

Here's my ride. Picture taken 3 years and about 20lbs ago. That's me in the front, by the way.


This is my first cruiser :
2000 VT750ACE
13" ape hangers (not very common in Ont)
Cobra LowBoy Shotgun Pipes
Corbin Stinger saddle

More on the way maybe? Don't get to ride much already... and still have a baby on the way. Future bike sale? We'll see.