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Motorcycles - Post Your Ride


does anyone on here ride? post a pic and whatnot.

here's my 03 yamaha 600R. it has about 14,xxx miles on it now, i bought it used just under 13,xxx miles. i just got the motorcycle endorsement on my license this past march and i freakin love the thing.






The day I brought her home.


Packed up for a trip last summer.




HERE's MY wifey!!

2011 cb 1000 ra.



One of my other loves.


last one :slightly_smiling:


The BatCave


I'm honestly thinking of painting my garage interior all black with studio lighting.

I don't think I'll be throwing a tv in though. This is Texas. It's too hot for that shit unless yours is air conditioned.


got enough toys in one room? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a quad in there too


My Harley


in progress, started this one in january, its about ready for teardown for prep and paint. My softail is in my avatar. my next project is a 1973 triumph trident restoration that i inherited from my father when he passed this year.


2006 Paul Smart.

Beautiful to look at but the bike is brutal to ride around town. The clutch is ridiculously heavy, the mirrors are laughable, by being stretched out over the tank you can't check over your shoulder for traffic, and the ergos guarantee a trip to the chiro after a 2 hour ride.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Well, that pic sucked. Here's a better pic of the model.


this pic kinda sucks but here's a pic of my Ducati Monster.


I'm in love... she's hawt...


I'm in love with the one on the right too.

What model is that?


I need to get out of this thread....

I'm going to have an orgasm....