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Looking to buy a new bike and was wondering if there were any other fans out there. So my question is what would you buy now and what do you like about it?

I have a 2001 Harley (Springer Softail),I love it and have been adding alot of chrome. It’s an exspensive hobby but a lot of fun. Looking forward to bike week in Mrytle Beach.

Well I own a Honda CBR929, Which is a Sportbike. What do I like about it? Very nimble, Stops on a dime. Handles very well. Depends what you want really. Do you want to cruise or do you like to go fast? Need more info.

Cruiser, or crotch rocket. I like speed, so as soon as the funds and riding skills are there its a Ducati 996 for me.

I bought a Yamaha R1 last summer. I love it! What do I like about it? How about everything. Its very nice looking sportbike. I love the attention it gets, the heads it turns and the people I race. I was so excited when I beat a Viper GTS, but hey it is a motorcycle and he could buy 7 of em’ for the cost of his car. Fast cannot even begin to describe it. For once in my life, I can actually say that it’s faster than I’ll ever need. It’s actually a little scary how fast it is. Any bike is fun though. Ride safe.

Rookie, how much did your bike cost? I saw an ad for one, and I almost drooled on myself. I had been pondering getting a sports bike for a while now.

Buy the Harley…reason Resale value. You’ll
get almost every nickel back when you sell it
and the aftermarkets for it are unlimited.
Plus, chicks TOTALLY and I MEAN TOTALLY dig


I used to have a Kawasaki KZ1000R2 Eddie Lawson Replica. I’d like to get the current bike (ZRX1200R) and get the Muzzy big-block
mod. I’d shoot for top-end hp the same as
the stock ZX-12R, with more low-end.

I won’t win friends by saying it but it’s true: Harleys aren’t as comfortable to ride (I rode my Lawson Replica from New York City to Miami almost non-stop with no physical fatigue or discomfort), don’t go as well, don’t stop as well, don’t turn as well. Style is good but it’s a pity when everything else, and I mean everything else, just doesn’t match up. I’d only have a Harley if I wanted a bike for just putting around town. For that, its functional lacks are not so noticeable.

Uh, I hate to say this - but the chicks I know LOVE Ducati. Yessiree, everyone around here (Oregon) has a Harley. Well, we do know a big group of people that have Ducatis’. Very kewl rides.

yeah, Ducati, Cagiva, Aprillia, all the Iti
bikes are cool.

Buy American, buy Harley!


Had an old '74 Harley Sportster which was in awesome shape as my first bike. Sold it when I moved to Europe and I hate myself for it. You just can’t beat the feel and sound of a Harley. Yeah, you may have more trouble than with a rice-burner, but I think the inner bad-ass felling is well worth it. I feel like a traitor now for looking at some Yamaha cruisers. They look nice and are about half the price of a Harley, but I’ll still feel funny about it if I buy one. First decide what you want out of a bike. Are you letting out the bad-ass in you or do you want to be a speed freak? Also something to consider is where you live… here in Austria, we can only ride four or five months of the year. Kinda hard to find the cash for a harley that will be in the garage most of the year.
Loud pipes save lives!

Buell firebolt XB9R it just came out. Fast as hell.

Hello T-Bikers,
Haven’t ridden a bike in like 10- 11 years
but recently found a 2002 Harley sportster 883 hugger for about 6k is this a good deal? Was thinking this would be a great bike to start off on due to my height restraints (5’2), until I can be more comfortable with a what a friend calls a T-mans bike. He has a Softtail nighttrain, but then he makes more than I do. Was told sportsters are chicks bike, but hey you gotta learn sometime. Any feedback is welcomed.Thanks

I paid $10k. A new 02’ R1 is listed as $10,299. I bought mine during a promotion they were running which also gave me $500 of accessory money (which I upgraded the exhaust with,) and a free helmet/Jacket to match the bike. I was very happy. Once again, a nice bike. Patricia, I agree Ducatis are awesome rides, but I must say I’ve ate a few up on the road. The R1 gets tons of attention from the ladies, especially while at the beach. Brock, my father would love you, he’s a die hard Harley guy through and through. He currently owns a fatboy and a lowrider I believe. He hates my “rice rocket”, and always bitches me out for not buying american. He almost disowned me when I was 18. On my 18th birthday he gave me an 88’ soft tail fully dressed out. It was a gorgeous bike, but 6 months later I sold it and bought a CBR 900. He liked to shit a brick when I pulled up. The whole Harley image just seems to be for the older age groups. I’m not quite 23, and riding the Harley wasn’t nearly as fun as a sport bike. I will own a Harley in my 30’s, (mostly to get back in dad’s will :wink:

Thanks guy :slight_smile: I should have known that this was more of a sportbike crowd :smiley:

Got into bikes just recently, all my life I have been a diehard fan of cars. I will probably get at least Ninja 500R (ex. GPZ 500) or Yamaha Fazer 600 in a couple of months… at least I hope so. Unfortunately, the first one costs approx. 7 my monthly salaries and the second one is 9… and generally where I live you have to pay in cash, so… :frowning:

For me I like Buell bikes. They are easy to ride, comfortable and are built for corners. The firebolt is my new dream bike. As soon as I can afford one thats my new toy. They also make a model called the blast. It is a wonderful beginner bike. Very and I mean very easy to ride, good looking and cheap. Around $4500 brand new. Its not the fastest on the block but it is really quick and rider friendly. Oh ya and its American baby.

Depends on what you want the bike for - if it’s just for pootling around town then getting anything over 600CC is a waste of time - that’s why I am riding a Suzuki Bandit 600 atm rather than getting that lovely Triumph Super Sport.

If you want premium performance go Japanese or Italian, although Buell are pretty good. Stay away from Harley tho, whilst theyhave improved markedly in recent years [due to outsourcing some of their production] their quality of
performance can’t really compete. If you want attitude and apprearance [and as Brock said, resale value], you can’t go past Harley - but if you do go Harley don’t become a weekend warrior.

Yeah, there’s these “biker” dudes that all ride Harleys’. On Saturdays they all meet at a Starbucks and park their bikes in front - all nicely lined up. There they sit (if it’s nice out), out front, sipping their Frappacinos, all dressed up in their leathers.

Whatever happened to riding your Harley down to the local pool hall and drinkin' some beer? You know what happens when it gets TOO crowded at the Starbucks? They line their bikes in front of the other coffee bar across the street - and sit out front there, too. 'Cept, that coffee bar doesnt have Frappacinos - so they drink coffee "shakes". I betcha their "exciting" conversation consists of their "dangerous" careers as Tax Accountants, too.

I found the sportster higher than the other bikes actually. It is lighter, but if height is a problem, you should always sit on a few bikes first. Sadly enough, the japanese cruisers will probably fit you better. Patricia hit it right on the nose; Harleys are turning into yuppie bikes for those rich guys who can afford them. I would love to buy American, but they just kill the wallet and I dont want to be one of those guys with a nice bike and second hand clothes living in a trailer.