Motorcycle Ride to Toronto/Montreal

Planning a motorcycle ride for next spring (May-ish) through Toronto and Montreal. I have never been to Montreal. However, my Pop took me to Toronto when I was about seven. What I remember is the CN tower and an enormous farmer’s market. That said, I would like to check out these two fine Canadian cities. Any tips, advice/warnings or must-sees would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of titty bars in Montreal.

Fun city

Montreal is a chaotic city to drive in. No right hand turns on red traffic lights (which coincidently are horizontal in Quebec).

Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are good attractions. In Montreal hit the clubs without a doubt. The Biodome is interesting as well.

In Montreal, make sure to get to the top of the Mont-Royal, the mountain on the island. There are nice parks and a few belvederes with great views of the city and it’s surroundings.

Also check out the Old Montreal. Hundred years old streets and buildings; great restaurants and clubs there. And with a motorcycle, parking won’t be as hellish as it is with a car.

A drive-by the Olympic Stadium is probably a must; it’s one of Montreal’s most recognizable (and infamous, because of its cost) buildings. You can take an elevator to the top of the tower if you feel like doing the touristy thing.

If you come early June, I think the F1 Grand Prix is scheduled for the June 7th week-end.

Head the the Guvernment Night Club in Toronto. Lots of fun!!