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Motorcycle Accident


so i take a relatively low speed (35mph) right hand turn onto a three lane street- two lanes going straight, one turning left into an OUtback steakhouse. im in the middle lane, going straight. theres a like of 7-8 cars waiting to turn left into the outback. as i am getting closer to the last car in the turn lane, it decides its not waiting in the line to turn anymore, and jumps into my lane when im about 15 feet from it.

so, i grab a nice big handful of front brake, nothing else i could do. lucky for me! a 2007 honda cbr600rr has very powerful breaks. thing pops up onto the front wheel with no hesitation, there i go, highside over the bars. head hits first, then my back touches the ground, then the bike rolls over top of me. to make things even better, i was on my lunch break going maybe 2 miles from work- fucking panera bread. so, every other time i dont care how far im going, ive got long pants, padded joe rocket jacket, gloves, full face helmet. this would be the day i leave the jacket at work thinking its a quick easy ride. this would be the day.

as i was touching down to the ground, and the bike rolling over me, my left shoulder popped out of the socket. fortunately, as soon as i hit the ground i squeezed my limbs in as tight as possible and apparently pulled the shoulder back in. somewhere i strained my left hamstring pretty nice, and sprained my right ankle reaaaaal nice. and 3/4 of the skin on my back burned right off- nice bit of roadrash from shoulder blade down to my tailbone. missed the left shoulder blade though- and the tattoo there. rashed up my right arm a little too, but stopped just short of that tattoo. so my bike is a little fucked, my legs arent feeling too great, wish i had some more skin on my back, but at least the tats are ok.

AND someone got the license plate number of the car that cut me off, however, it was wrong. hopefully the police will be able to figure it out based on the witnesses statements, my statement, and the pieces of car info that they do have. i hope they find that fucker- watch a motorcyclist flip over their bike in your rear view, because of your actions, then keep driving? some people...

anyway, looks like im riding nothing but crutches for a week or so, and i cant fucking wait to take the first shower with this back...

but, in hindsight, it could have been much worse. ive had that bike to 120mph, if id hit pavement at that speed, i dont think id be here to tell you the story. today was scary, and completely surreal. having the road rash scrubbed at the hospital was nice too. anyway, couldve been much worse, glad it wasnt.


Heck, I'm just glad you're alive with no broken bones. Sprains suck a lot but they do heal easier than bones and tears. How's the neck/head feel?

I freakin' hate car drivers. They have no IDEA how dangerous their dumb asses are to us.

Put the shower off for as long as possible buddy, that's gonna suck!


thanks. head and neck are good. its kind of funny, when i landed on my back, and suppose slid a bit, my immediate reaction was to pull all my limbs in as quickly and as tight as i could, because as i was going over the bars i was thinking to myself "oh my god, im fucked, im going to get ran over as soon as i hit this pavement"...then i came to a stop and as im just there looking up at the sky, i was yelling "fuck!...son of a fucking bitch!...what the fuck!?...etc". then after a few minutes went by i started to get used to the pain, then i was asking the people that stopped to help me how my bike looked, was making jokes about "guess i just got out of work for the rest of the day", "could someone slap a for-sale sign on that thing before they tow it?"...and i even asked how my shoes looked- because i was wearing probably my favorite pair of shoes. the shoes--> http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.ss20.com/images/24305_t.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.ss20.com/pcp/Shoes.html&h=74&w=150&sz=6&hl=en&start=9&tbnid=3vEkS-6AT3ZYTM:&tbnh=47&tbnw=96&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dcirca%2Bpinstripe%2Bshoes%26gbv%3D2%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff


Glad it wasn't any worse. Heal fast.


Road rash sucks... and yes it could have been much worse. As a FF I see alot of motorcycle crashes -- although most of the ones we run on have be single vehicle stupidity, such as wheelies on the high way ect.

Hope you feel better.........



Fucking cagers. Good to hear you're still amoung the living.


thanks everyone.


Sorry to hear about your accident. Heal fast.


thanks. i bet i would heal pretty fast with natalie hunt as my nurse...or maybe id take my time? Natalie Hunt-->


I ride a ZX750 ninja and I can say with experience, "you did a damn good job not fucking yourself up! All that shit is minor. I have pulled a few miraculous moves my self. Watch those fuckin car drives like they are all 18 year old stupid fucks cuz you never know. Get back on that bitch soon and 120 is holding back. Find your self some open space and try 160. Rubber side down bro!


thanks. as far as the 160, no thanks!


I hope they find the asshole who cut you off too!

When I was riding the streets a while ago, I once had a close call when some lady's stupid dog ran at me to play or chase me or something. I didn't want to hit the fucking thing because hitting an animal while on a bike, you're probably going to lock up a wheel and fall off, so I had to give the brakes a quick squeeze. Luckily, my reflexes when I hit the brakes on a bike are to use both the front and rear, instead of grabbing a handful of front brake. If you get back on a bike again, try and avoid that front brake only reflex man, coz you're going to flip every time if you keep doing it.

Does anybody else find animals or kids running out, a hazard on the road when they're riding?


yea, in hindsight, hitting both could have helped. i cant even really convey though how little time i had to react. not to mention ive only had this bike since mid june. driving around relatively congested areas, ive certainly had close calls before. in fact just last week on a one lane road i had jumped up to 92mph, just for a quick burst, and i guess people cant really judge the speed of bikes because an SUV pulled out and i had to slow from 92mph to 35mph pretty quickly. yesterday, there was no warning. this car was sitting in the turn lane, left turn signal on, not moving whatsoever, waiting to turn. next thing i know im way too far up in the air for my liking. here, here's a souvenir:


If you can get ass out of this story, it'll all be worth it.

glad you're alive.


haha. thanks. i have a gf right now, otherwise i would capitalize on that.


Yikes man. Sorry to hear about it- glad to hear you're still alive.

How's the bike doin?


At least you didn't mess up your tattoo.


The problem isn't just car drivers who aren't paying attention -- it's drivers of all stripes and all vehicles who are too focused on something other than the road. Whether it's some dumbass in an SUV paying more attention to their Blackberry than they are to traffic, or some twit on a crotch-rocket weaving in and out of traffic cutting people off.

If the number of half-wits who have a license to drive is any indication of the general ability of our species, I'm amazed we've survived as long as we have.

That rant done with: I hope you heal up quick, man, and I hope that they track down the jackass who took you out.


[road rash pic/]

Damn. But hey, thats what morphine is for!

Get well soon.


morphine?! yea right, i wish! i got to the hospital about 3:15pm, the first time i got anything for the pain was about 6:30-6:45pm when i got home and took one of the prescribed pain pills.

and boooooy i could have used it. they had to use a sponge with soap and wipe all over the roadrash and then scrub it to get the pieces of my t-shirt and gravel out. about halfway through the first time, i asked the nurse to stop because it was burning so badly.

she then went to get some numbing solution, which when applied, burned worse than my back burned after i was done skidding on the street. this "numbing solution" never numbed a fucking thing. while waiting for that to kick in, some other nurses took me for various x-rays.

by the time i retured from x-ray, it had apparently taken so long that the whole cleaning process for the roadrash had to be started over. this time it was a new nurse, and she was trying to put that numbing crap on me again...i very politely told her not to put that fucking shit on me again..

the meds i ended up with- hydrocodone and ibuprofen 800mg. i was hoping the meds would be something strong enough to knock me out, but at least it got me comfortable the last two days on the couch. now its monday, back to school, taking forever to walk across campus...