Motorcycle Accident Rehab

2 months ago I was rear ended while riding down the highway at 100kmph / 65mph. The dumbass driver of the Mercedes SUV said he didn’t notice me.

I ride a dual purpose 1997 Yamaha XTZ660 motorcycle. There was a bit of damage to the bike and I went ass over elbows, rolled 5-6 times and slid a ways on my back. I was able to stand up immediately and with the help of another driver, pick up my 400lbs bike and get it off the road.

My doctor warned me not to move too much for the first month as my lower back was very tender. In addition my neck hurt when tuning at the ends of rotation, my right shoulder, right elbow and right knee tendons were extremely sore. Apparently too much flailing around as I rolled down the highway.

It has now been a month of light lifting, stretching and jogging and I’m not feeling too much better.

Prior to the accident I was lifting fairly heavily and running 2-3 times a week.

My typical lifts were:

Bench Press 275lbs
Squat 375lbs
Deadlift 375lbs
Straightbar curls 135lbs x 6-8 reps
Pullups 35 reps

I can’t currently do any pullups as my supraspinatus is really tender.
I can only curl about 45lbs x 15 reps as my right elbow tendons are sore and I have a sharp pain in my right bicep at the point where my bicep connects to the ligament in my forearm.
My lower back and neck are still tender and my right knee is still sore.

Here’s my current routine:

I stretch my neck, lower back, and arms 5 times a day.

Neck rolls, trunk rotations, knees to the chest/shoulders, hamstring stretch, for the neck and back. For the arms I do Wrist Flexor and Extensor Stretches.

I lift 3 times a week 3 sets of 15 reps with an Olympic straight bar, 45lbs.

I do Bet over rows, overhead presses, bench press, squats, deadlifts, straight legged deadlifts, arm curls, and wrist curls. and jog slowly for 30 min with my knee taped.

I do eccentric (negatives) exercises with a resistance band. I do wrist curl and extensions and side lateral raises for my right arm.

I also go to a physical therapist twice a week and get stretched and manipulated.

Can you help me refine my workout so I can get back to where I was?

Glad you are alive.

This sounds harsh but you are really doing to much too soon. I would walk everyday eat real clean go to therapy and heal- do not do anything strenous until you start noticing the soreness disappearing from you listed areas. Most people take upwards of a year to comeback from a accident like yours - relax.

Check out my first page of my log and read what is f’d up about my body - after surgery I didN’t touch a weight per doctors orders for 3 months (oh no) and now 2 years later I am now at the same strength levels after another rehab of a bad shoulder. So what I am saying is RELAX you are in this for long haul (training) nothing is so bad as jumping the gun and then getting permanent injuries.


Mate - I got cleaned up in a car accident just after New Years. Like you, I walked away . . . but not without damage. My problems were also complicated by a nasty case of pneumonia.

For rehab - I had to content myself with new hobbies till the swelling/illness became manageable.

Then for a while, all I could do was band stretching. After a couple weeks I added mobility drills. A few weeks later prehab/rehab exercises. I’ve only started to any “real” weight 2-3 weeks ago but I’m still concentrating on the prehab/rehab/mobility stuff.

The biggest challenge was getting to the point where I could let go of the need to go heavier and let the rehab work.

Besides some specific advice from the physio, most of the p/rehab ideas can be found here: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

I benched 185lbs for 10, 8, 6 reps!

Not bad for 11 weeks layoff.


I’ve been put down by cars a couple times. You must be one strong dude to be doing so well.

I can’t help, other then to say yoga fixed my neck and back, twice.

Hope your progress continues!