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Motorcycle Accident, No Lifting for a Month

Question, I am a 49 year, I have been lifting for about 6 years and went from a 5’6" 148 lb scrawny guy, to I think a decent bulit (for middle aged) lifter at about 175 lbs. I was in a pretty good motorcycle wreck last week, totaled my Harley, messed up my face , severely bruised my ribs and sprained my wrist pretty bad, I am nervous that I could lose what I have gained, and I am wondering what will happen if I cant lift for a month or so? I am pretty addicted to lifting, but dont want to make things worse, how bad do tyou guys think this is going to screw me up? If any of you have a second, it would be apreciated very much.

Hey man, sorry to hear about your accident. I’m not an injury expert but I would say the most important thing for you right now is to rest, recover, and heal up as much as you can before you get back in the gym. You might feel a little soft in the meantime but the progress you’ve made will come back quickly once you get back at it. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing. The worst thing you could do is rush your way back to the gym and aggravate one of your injuries even more. That could cause you to be on the sideline way longer than necessary.

All things considered, a month isn’t that long for you to lose any appreciable progress anyway.


Very sorry that happened to you. I hope you have a fast recovery!!

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Omg music to my ears, thanks for replying!

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Ive crashed my Harley before. Hurt the wristies, whole body hurt for a couple of weeks. Cop actually cut me off. I tried lifting what I could with bands but didn’t really work. After a month I lost like 20 lbs but the second I hit my stride again I regained it in a month. Diet wasn’t good had other things going on. Muscle memory will bounce you back. Meantime good time to clean up your diet. It’s never really a bad thing to workout but you kinda have to go through the motions. If it hurts drop it. Just do what you can around the injury. If you can only use bands to train. Then use them. If you can body weight squat without pain. Do them. If you can only walk the dog. Then walk the crap out of the dog. Exercise actually decrease healing time.


Great advice ty