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Motivational Video(s)


guys. I have found some youtube videos which I find extremely motivating. I thought I would post them here so you can take a look. They are from someone called zhesni or something on youtube, and frankly his videos rock.

P.S I dont aspire to look like those bodybuilders, and you also may not. However, I still find it fascinating to watch those videos. So if anyone responds with "roidz" or whatever, I will use all my time, money and influence to hunt you down. And when I find you, I will NOT kill you. Okay?


or just search for mr Zhasni on youtube.

P.S I was joking above. Kinda.


I watched the video before I read your post. My first thought was that this is now one of the most motivational videos I have ever seen. Its just beautiful. Second thought: I cant share this with anyone I know because 'its roidz' will be their first comment without a doubt.

I dont care about steroids or not. This (bodybuilding) is art and no amount of steroids will give someone the willpower to fight until they reach their goal.


I hear ya my man! I am what most of the guys around here would call a skinny bastard.....and I never would want to be that bodybuilder-big. However how those guys TRAIN and EAT almost bring me tears. I have the utmost respect for them. They eat and breath their passion 24/7....no distractions, only glory.

And I actually posted that video on my facebook page, and I am sure my "friends" will go apeshit about it, but I dont care. If people cannot see beauty in that video, they are just shadows and dust.