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Motivational Video of the Day


The next time you need motivation, just remember this one legged woman who squats 365:


Kinda funky form(I guess that's to be expected with the prosthetic limb), but I gotta give the lady props for not giving up on lifting heavy. Any info on her? did she lose her leg before or after she was into powerlifting?


Pfft, fuck that. This video fires me up everytime


You caught teh ghey




Hahaha, here are a few that always get me fired up:


That Frank Yang thing is absolutely insane.


I wonder if she needed some special designed prosthetic or if the "everyday" version is okay.


I have a playlist

Bizarro makes great vids
he has a new account Adis something

i love the best raw bench video, even thought, shit, whats his name, has a shirt on for 2 lifts.