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Motivational Video Clips

Its great to read the logs and check out the video clips posted in the strength forum.

I thought it would be good to start a dedicated motivational training video thread. Post your links to your favourite training clip that gets you fired up.

To get the ball rolling…a couple of my favourites i came across:

Dabaya (O-lifter) 5x200 front squat

Dan can jump…pretty damn high

Post on…

Matt Kroczaleski…this entire page


Videos are at the bottom

please no bull shit about his form on anything.

The Classics

Pyrros Dimas






Dennis Cieri



Juoko Ahola

Konstantin Konstantinovs

For Strongmen


Femis Lambrionidis

Age: 22 yrs
Ht: 5’9
Bw: 286 lbs
Sq: 880 lbs
B: 616 lbs
Dl: 726 lbs

[quote]eisenaffe wrote:
Femis Lambrionidis

Age: 22 yrs
Ht: 5’9
Bw: 286 lbs
Sq: 880 lbs
B: 616 lbs
Dl: 726 lbs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8DnIOuFCq4 [/quote]

Thx for sharing. This guy is an animal.

Plenty of depth and speed on that last squat. Very impressive.

1980 Olympic Games. This is my favorite lifting vid.


Pyrros Dimas compilation set to Robbie Williams…pretty damn inspirational to me.


A-Dizz…that old school lifting was awesome. I loved the music it was set too as well.

808…Nice, you cant go wrong with Dimas when it comes to great vids.

A lot of these are probably already posted, but here are my youtube videos that I like:


Great idea for a thread, but it would be better if everyone uploaded their favorite videos to their “my T-Nation” video area, then embedded them here.

Kaz in the WCW!

Learn something new every day.



Mike Tyson really gets me pump:


This is my favorite lifting video didnt see it posted yet


and this video right here is just sick. What a beast he was.


[quote]Xylene wrote:
Mike Tyson really gets me pump:


classic. why this guy doesn’t have his own tv show is beyond me.


Opening movie of Mirko Crocop vs Fedor Emilianko fight. Its so powerful it sends chills down my spinea nd gets my hair standing straight.

Rocky IV

all good fighter highlights are very inspiring to me

[quote]Desideratus15 wrote:
Matt Kroczaleski…this entire page



Talk about brief rests between sets of Squats!!! The puke bucket adds a nice touch.

One thing about those Elitefts, they always have ass-kicking music on in the background. One of my fav motivational clips (not on Internet as far as I know) is the opening 5 minutes of the EliteFTS DVD on Squats and Deadlifts where you see shots from a powerlifting meet. Check it out!