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Motivational t-shirts

Just thought of this from a dog pound post but do you guys have any um…Motivational t-shirts you like to wear?? Mine Are of course my t-mag shirts, then. the other 3 (all black) are-Cant sleep clowns will eat me-(over and over),-You laugh because im different, I laugh because your all the same- and -Do not start with me, you will not win- I have a few others that are too taste less to mention.

Had a Whitesnake t-shirt I used to luv, the wife tossed it when it was just getting broken in, also had a black tank that said “Shut up and Lift”

My favorite was a football shirt that said “if you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to dream”

I used to have one I really liked that simply said, “I eat glue”. Don’t know what happened to it. Nowadays I just wear whatever is at the top of the stack. I work out in a Military gym and a lot of guys wear sniper or recon or seal team shirts. Most are just faking the funk though.