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Motivational Music for Getting Pumped

list some songs that you listen to when your trying to get motivated for a workout?

Drowning Pool - Bodies, heard it first time in Defrancos montage, its gooood

Bob the builder - can we fix it.

Hallo, check out this thread

A loot of good music there.

Im going to the gym in 20 minutes myself and to get ready im sitting watching/listening to this stuff.


I like it, good music, cool videos:)

Dance music, especially hardcore mixes. I wouldn’t normally listen to this stuff but I find it most effective for working out. The problem with listening to upbeat tempo music that you like, e.g. for me Oasis, Stone Roses, you end up sort of singing along at times, which means arguably you’re not focussed. Dance music keeps you pumping!

breaking benjamin - cold
creed - my own prison, beautiful
cold - insane, when angels fly away
rick ross - mafia music

Well man my music changes depending on mood but usually old school shit like

Iron Maiden
some Rammstein
and even some Mudvayne(Dig freekin best)

refer to my avatar, best groove for heavy lifting

Ok, if you don’t want a bunch of Cookie Monster Heavy Metal, how about “Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello?

Clutch (older albums)
Stone Sour
Killswitch Engage (with the Jesse Leach)
Older Metallica

Mastadon, Oblivion
Raccontouers, Salute the solution
Mudvayne, Dig
Public Enemy, Welcome to the terrordome
Public Enemy and Anthrax, Bring the Noise
Dre & Tupac, California Love
Limp Bizkit, Counterfeit


…and tons more.

I’ll add DMX and Static-X to the list. They’ve served me well

^Agreed, DMX is good shit.
DMX - Stop being greedy is a good one



Anything by Nine Inch Nails. Best music to lift to, best music to fuck to.

here my list

who shot ya? biggie smalls

wannabe a baller lil troy

distrubed down with the sickness

50 cent things change

dmx-x gonna give it to ya

but i added some new songs from the suggestions.

epmd,busta,mobb deep,…

i always listen to this before a heavy DL

Static X - Cold
Best heavy lifting song. It always seems to get me pumped

Anything hatebreed also does the same

“I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred

I rarely listen to music while I’m hittin’ the weights but if I were to choose music to lift too it’d probably be by RATM and Disturbed. As far as hip hop is concerned, I think I’d get hyped off DMX’s first album, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot.