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Motivational Before/After Pics?

anybody have any side by side before and after pics?

on the left: myself in 2002, 115 kgs of fat
on the right: myself in sept. 2006, 96 kg of gym glory.

Find the thread by Rotlex in the photo forum - excellent!


Marcolone, what did you do??? What was your eating and workout plan like? That is really impressive man, congrats on that change!!!

[quote]gotoheel wrote:
anybody have any side by side before and after pics?[/quote]

I’m really disturbed by the OPs avatar.

Anyone know of a good computer program to get them side by side?

photoshop, but i would think any basic photo program would let you cut and paste.

maybe not ms paint.

One of the best examples is: “dafreak”
on this bbs.

He has a before after set, that was about 11 months apart.

I hate to say it, as I’m a pillsbury doughboy right now, the first pic, he looks like a pills bury dough boy.

And 11 months later, he looks tighter and harder than most professional atheletes.

No disrespect to the professsional atheletes, but if you look at the before and after you will see.

6 months after this he did a contest.

So it looks like if you stay focused, in 6 months you can attain amazing things, and youd be surprised what you can do with a year of focus.

When you are doing your “before” and “after”.

Dont talk about it, to anybody.

Just put in the work.

Don’t expect praise, expect heckling for a while.

And even after you get there, you might be heckled, DONT CARE. This is for you.

AKA “move your goals forward at the same speed of results”…
ehy, it’s like donkey & carrot.

to boss99er:
done nothin’ strange, just kept calories down (at the first time VERY down… i knew even a 1/100 of that i know today) and started exercising A LOT.
4 months later, i was 78 kgs and lookin’ like a empty potato bag - found on pubmed an article that said (in synthesis) “in 5 years 85% of dieters will get back their fat”.
so i decided to wait the rebounding fat tsunami with another (better) metabolic asset - and so i’ve started my iron game, trying every exercise method and exercise and taking more and more knowledge of my body.


Nice turnaround, good job, what was your diet like?