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Motivational BB DVD's?


I’m looking for advice on which BB Pro’s DVD I should buy for the purposes of staying motivated in lifting and dieting.

I recently Bob Jay Cutler’s (forget which one) and while a fan, found it a bit boring. He doesn’t talk much between work outs and I was a bit disapointed honestly.

To be clear I’m not looking for an instructional DVD, ‘This is a Bicep curl, be sure to squeeze at the top…’ yeah I know that chief. :slight_smile: I’m looking for something inspirational, motivational or at the very least fun to watch. I consider myself an informed and experience weightlifter, although I’ve never competed, I get three BB Mags a month, am 37 and have been lifting for 18 years solid. Etcetera, etc… This said I will certainly be taking mental notes if a Pro is giving tips in his DVD.

I find myself continually going back to my Pumping Iron DVD when I get lazy and it gets me fired up.

So what Pro’s DVD would you all recommend to keep me motivated? I heard Ron Coleman has a good one, but there are so many out there, I frankly don’t know which one to buy.

Totally open to suggestions here and thanks in advance.

Here’s what I’m looking to chose from. If there is another all inclusive site like this please post it here.

Link: www.bodybuilding.com/store/provid.htm


as many as you can afford. I imaging all of them would help you out in some way. Be it ideas, or motivation, or techniques.

My two favorites are from the best:

Dorian Yates Blood and Guts workout

Ronnie Coleman’s first video, Unbelievable I think it was called.

I have all of Ronnie’s and the ones from that “Titans” collection with Dexter Jackson, Vic Martinez and Darrem Charles. Of those, Vic’s is the most impressive even though he really doesn’t go that heavy. He concentrates more on the movement itself. Dex’s is impressive but he isn’t all that great in front of a camera.

OK thanks guys.

Gunter’s video is pretty good. Liked it a lot.

Ronnie’s video “Redemption” sucked. No music or narration. Just him walking around at home and lifting. I just thought it was very boring and very long.