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I’ve made up my mind. No more slackin. Im done with half assing my workouts, my nutrition. Goodbye lazy lifestyle. I am now 6"4 155 pounds. My goal for bext june is to be 6"4 190 pounds. I WILL succeed, i will come to walls and knock those mother fuckers down. Bring it on.

The doorway to greatness is before you, some men choose to knock politely - you on the other hand should follow your instinct and just go kick the damn thing down. I look forward to hearing of your success. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach - I know that your statement was aimed at the originator of this topic. My goal (to not be a big fat guy anymore) sounds to be the exact opposite of this guy’s, but I think what you said can apply easily to both. I read it and it blew me away. For some reason just reading that statement gave me a deep, almost patriotic feeling about my goals. I hope you don’t mind me claiming your quote for myself as well. I’ll type it up in a bad ass font and post it on my wall.

Garfield…Dayum! Yeah, baby, that’s funky stuff that we T-Freques like to hear! Do it up right, bro, we got your back. Now, go kick Odie’s ass, ya big pussy cat! Seriously, you’ve got a great mindset, and as long as you’re just not talkin’ up a storm, you’re well on your way to that physique–the only that can stop you is you, baby. So keep us in the loop, my man.

go ahead make it big and bold - every one of my athletes have heard this daily. I believe in the power within. Take destiny into your own hands - greatness is within. I am always there for help. In faith, Coach Davies

Way to go bro! Work hard & work smart! U can do it!

had my first all out workout yesterday. Imfeelin awesome. Im eating about 3500 plus cals. Consistency will be the deciding factor.