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I’ve been a weightlifter for 6 years - and seen myself both on a roll… and on a drag.
The one thing that’s always been present when I’m on a roll is a deep motivation. But not the motivation to look good. The source varies, but it has to be something very meaningful to me - something that may put a lump on my throat or make my hair stand. It ranges from a desire to make a contribution to improve our quality of life, to thoughts of friends in the military, to girls. Sometimes my motivations are downright geeky: The enthusiasm to make a contribution in engineering to improve our infrastructure (there’s motivations for everything). Sometimes the motivation is obvious: girls. One look and nothing need be said. And sometimes it’s the thought of a friend who manned a 50 caliber machine gun - and how 2 more repetitions can’t begin to compare.
Often, it involves those who heartlessly screwed me over - and my desire for harsh retribution that never died. Other times it involves the thought of old friends.

Something has to touch me deep down, to get me on a roll at the gym. I can’t push the hardest without that motivation.

Am I by myself here - or do you guys depend on that motivation as well?

I have a slightly different look on it. I have times when my training is very focused and I’m extremely motivated. Though I don’t excatly pinpoint an event in my life that triggers this.

I personally believe the body goes threw growth phases during the course of a year. There are times where you make great gains and you are mentally focused and highely motivated.

But I also believe with those peaks in training there are also valley’s. I don’t know excatly why. I don’t necessary believe it is nutritional, overtraining, work, or realtionship per say. I just think you stall.

Just the cycle of life I think…