Im seriously struggling here. I used to work out all the time, 4-6 days a week, cardio and everything, but now Im lucky if I can get to the gym once a week. Im in Construction, and I work long hours early in the morning to around 6 in the eve, but im so tired after work I cant make it to the gym. The “coffee break” and Lunch breal are even worse becuase its usually something really bad, Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwiches, Pizza, Chinese Food and other crap I shouldnt be eating. Sure I can bring my own stuff which I do, bit sometimes dont. Anyone else got the same problem as me? What did you do, Im just beat after work and Im getting really fat now and its not good.

The only motivation I need is seeing my fat gut in the mirror. But I work in an office all day. What type construction work do you do? Changing your diet might help alot.

I used to work construction as well and I know where you’re coming from. It’s hard damn work. Working out after work is damn near impossible unless you have a lot of motivation already. Fortunately, I did, but my workouts weren’t that good.

I found my best bet was to workout early in the mornings before I went to work. This meant I had to get up earlier but I didn’t miss any workouts and I was always fired up after some coffee.

First, invest in some tupper ware and try to cook your meals the night before. I’d then pick a program that allows for 3 days of lifting per week, probably Chad Waterbury’s. This should give you 2 days during the work week and one on the weekend. Do cardio when you can, but don’t over emphasize it because you’re getting a lot of cardio in your job already.

A couple of things I used to do when I did tree work and concrete-

  1. replace the breaktime food with protein shakes and fruit. Replaced heavy, bulky lunches with steak, chicken, or tuna salads.

  2. When I’d get home, I’d take a short nap, shower, coffee, and basicaly start the day over again.

  3. Assign work value to lifting. It will make you a better worker. Being stronger and more energetic makes you a better, more valuable worker.

  4. Stay on top of aches and pains. They develope prety quickly in the workplace and sap your will to lift. Lack of flexability and skeletal imbalances are numero Uno on the list of things to rectify. I should have put this one first.

T agree with the above. Bring your own food.

Also the training before work
Yes even during hot months when we would do 4am-1-2pm shifts It makes for an early day but hot me fired up for the day.

No sissy excersizes either pick a few BIG money mopvementas and get it done

That and nailing a diet and you should be Cake.

Hope that helps,

Gonna agree with Phill on the early morning thing, at least for me. Right now I work 3 thirteen hour days so I have no problems working out the other 4 days of the week but when I was doing the grind I found it was much, much easier for me to just encorporate the gym into my every day work routine. I’d get up about 4am, hit the gym for an hour, sit in the sauna for about 30 minutes then take a cold shower and head out to work. That combination left me feeling refreshed and ready for the day and after a while it became so routine that it was just part of my regular day. If you look at it from the perspective that the gym is something you have to work in around your regular schedule you open the door for skipping it when it doesn’t seem to fit.

My current routine is the same way, jiu jutsu and the weight room aren’t ‘extra curricular’ activities they’re an integral part of my week. It’s all about hte mindset you approach this from.