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Heh guys,

I was wondering what strategies that some of you may have used when your motivation is low in going to the gym. Somedays it is really hard to make it to the gym and I am not sure why.

It depends on the nature of the motivational sag, so to speak. If it’s at least partially physical (CNS burnout/overtraining/overreaching), it may just be time for a couple week layoff for you. You’ll build up hunger and want to get back to it, and it won’t have a lot of effect on your long-term progress.

Regardless, the thing you have to do is set some sort of medium-term 12-16 week goal, and go for it. You can do that during your two-week break, or starting your next workout. If you’re having trouble with your current workouts, you’re probably just in a holding pattern: you need to get something that excites you. Pick something that gets you excited–what is it? Adding mass? Getting cut? Breaking a PR or two? Figure it out, put together a plan, and make it happen. That’s really what motivates me.

Dan “Tony Robbins” McVicker

Read the “Merry Christmas Bob” article by CS

If that doesnt get you motivated nothing will.


I am just finishing 2 weeks off from the gym today. I was driving past it on the way to work and I could fill myself getting pumped up and ready to work out again. I can not wait to get in there and touch the iron again.

When I feel I am getting burned out or missing a step or two I always take time off away from the gym.

As you can tell, I am chomping at the bit when the rest period is up.

Eat some high quality grub, drink some coffee, think about chicks that are too hot for you, then think about how pissed you’re going to be at the end of the day when you’ll want to have worked out but didn’t. Plus get some goals that mean something to you.

Yeah Rick,

The chick thing works wonders for me, too. You know what else is cool? When the ones that used to ignore you like six months ago start to watch you when you walk past, and they always try to make eye contact. That rocks! I want to go to the gym just for that sometimes. There is no better feeling, in my opinion, than being the ugly duckling who becomes a swan.