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Edit: Motivation starts on pg 3

EDIT: The Pink Hat Challenge starts (below) on Wed 4-18

I don’t have anything funny to say, so I’ll just start.

Doing Waterbury’s TBT again. Basically 'cuz I’m too busy to do anything else and I know the program (and it’s worked for me). I’m going to throw in a few tabata sessions on my off days and maybe some knife training for fun.

I’m on week 2 workout 1:
3x5 60sec rest antagonistic


  1. Sumo Deads 275-hard

  2. F. Squat 135- easy

  3. Bench 195

  4. Chest supported Row 2plates

5.INcline Curl 30s Easy
6. DB French Press 30s Easy

Overall easy. I had lots of energy. Sumo deads were surprisingly difficult on the first two and easier on the last. I forgot my straps and had a hard time with grip. Threw the straps in my bag now, so I shouldn’t forget 'em next time. I’ve gotta up the weight on almost everything. But I’ve been training at home and at a buddy’s place, so I haven’t been able to go heavy in awhile and I want to take things slow.

Sunday Evening:

I didn’t have time to get my workout in yesterday with the awesome weather, so I just did it this morning and did my “regular” sunday workout in the evening.

-Small warmup
-BW tabata squats…averaged 21. I actually got stronger/better at the end.
-Some corrective complexes off this article : http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/corrective_complexes_the_secret_to_feelin_good


I’m also trying to watch the diet a bit more. The basic plan is

  1. 5am
    Oatmeal 300 cals
    Whey 100 cals
    natty PB 100 cals

  2. 8am
    Whey 300 cal
    Milk 90ish cal

  3. 11am
    Healthy Snack (meat + veggie normally…sometimes a carb)

  4. 1pm
    Chicken or Tuna 200cals
    Brown Rice 200 cal

  5. 5pm

  6. 7pm
    Wife’s Dinner (normally Japanese style, so pretty healthy) I shoot for around 400 cals

  7. 9pm
    Cottage cheese, when, or beer depending on the night and how I’m feeling…sometimes both

I will probably try to be more exact in the following weeks; but for now I’m just eating “healthy” and trying to get my metabolism bumped. I’ve been missing meals and then being hungry and over eating in other meals a lot lately…trying to get more consistency.

Monday and Tuesday I had overtime at work and wasn’t able to get to the gym.

Yesterday I got over to my buddies house. We trained outside with the beautiful weather. I only had 2 50lbs DBs, so that’s what I used.

warm up) Bear crawls: 2 laps around the house --this was really hard for me, I’m out of shape

All 2x15 with 50lbs DBS
1)Floor press
2_DB swing
3) BO DB rows
4) Lunges
5) Shrugs
6) Tri ext with one
plus) curls with one

We also worked knives and sticks a bit

Diet has been going fine. No major issues.


Week3 workout1: 4x5 60sec rest

  1. Sumo Deads 285 -hard
  2. Pullups - hard
  3. F squat 185x1, 175x3
  4. Decline BB press 205 - good/easy
  5. Incline DB curls 35s - good/easy
  6. DBs F. press -good/easy

Some easy stretching.

Hmmm…I thought I posted Monday already. Anyway, here it is, I guess it must not have gone through.

Monday 2/26/12

Lunch time: Tabata bw squats approx 23 and some foam rolling

Waterbury TBT Week3 workout 2 4x8 90sec Rest

  1. Squat 245 -good
  2. Good Morning 155 -good/easy
  3. Chin ups BW -6 on last set
  4. Incline Bench (hammer machine) 2plates/side, hard
  5. Curls (didn’t write anything down)
  6. traps 225 -good/easy

real order 1,2,3,6,4,5


6am quick morning workout
50 bw squats, pushups crunches

workout 3 3x15 120sec at my buddies house, so really I only had 2 50lbs dbs…so that’s what I used.

Some knife stuff

Bear crawls around the house

Db floor press -Hard
Db swings with one
BO rows
“kb” squats with one
tri ext with one (no tme so superset the last two w/o rest)

Thursday - off


(at friend’s house) : Knife stuff
Bear crawls around house (small circles) x4 - HARD


pushups x20
kb squats 50lbs DB x10
Deadlift 50lbs DB x10
BO rows x15

x3 no rest

Saturday 3/31

TBT week 4 workout 1 4x5 60 sec rest antagonist

Mobility complex warmup

Sumo Deads 285 -good
F. Squat 155 -good

Military press 135 -had to push press some at the end
pullups BW -good

Shrugs -275 -good
hanging pikes (legs to bar)

Sunday 4-1: off


4x8 90sec rest ant.

  1. Squat 265 good/hard

  2. GMs 175 good/hard

  3. Bench 185 good

  4. chest supported rows 2plates & a 10 good/easy

  5. DB curls 35s Hard

  6. DB french press 35s hard

*the gym was busy, so I didn’t get in the 90secs. There were guys waiting for the squat rack and bench, so probably 50-70sec rest between while I switched over weights.


Tabata bodyweight squats …low of 25 reps

Wednesday 4/4:

Knife stuff
bear crawls around house x5 …VERY hard

TBT Week 4 w3 3x15 120sec

Floor Press two fifties (DBs)
BO DB rows

“KB” swings w/1 50lbs DB
“KB” squats "

Shrugs 2 50lbsDBs
calf raises "

I got “bored” towards the end and cut rest periods way down.

Thursday: I was really sore, so I took the day off. Well, I was really sore and an old friend was having a birthday party at a micro-brewery… Anyway, day off.


20min jogging and 15 min stretching and foam rolling.

Saturday 4-7:

I felt horrible all day. Just general lack-of-energy, congestion, sluggishness. I had to force myself to the gym, but I’m glad I did. I kept the weight low and just pushed through. [too much information] I unloaded a good amount of whatever was in my chest into the trash can by the squat rack after between the F.squats and GMs. lol [/too much information]

2x15 120sec rest

  1. Front squats 135
  2. Good mornings 135
  3. Dips BW
  4. Dual Cable rows 70
  5. EZ bar Curl 25s
  6. EZ bar F. Press 25s

Good work here. Need to start my own log.

Monday 4-9:

Mobility complex warmup.

2x8 60 sec rest

  1. Sumo deads 295 -good
  2. F. Squat 175 -good
  3. push press 135 -good (wanted to do M. press, but didn’t have the strength from the start)
  4. Pullups BW
  5. hanging pike (shins to bar) BW -good/hard
  6. shrugs 285 -HARD

Stretched for 25min while I waited for my wife to finish up the class she was taking.

Tuesday 4-10: OFF
I wanted to do some tabatas, but I had to work through lunch, then a meeting after work, then my sister called the moment I got home. So by that time it was already time to pick up the wife and go to bed. I’ll make up for it tonight if I can with bear crawls.

[quote]Bambi wrote:
Good work here. Need to start my own log.[/quote]

Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been “meaning to” start a log forever. Finally, I “just did it.” The hope is that it helps me to stay consistent and true. You should start one up. I think it’s worth it. I lurk/post a few times a week anyway. And this is better than GAL/PWI anyway.

Wednesday 4-12

Knife stuff
Bear Crawls around the house x5 (I’m still working on “actually finishing” I’ve got to walk a bit on the 4th but finish strong).

As I’m at my buddy’s place, I’ve got to make due with the 2 50lbs DBs…so I edited the workout a bit

W5 Workout 3 90 sec rest

Floor press 2x15 50s
Deadlifts 2x15 50s
“KB” squats 2x15 one 50
hammer grip chin ups 2x12
curls one 50 in both hands (hammer grip) 2x12
tri overhead 2x12

Thursday and Friday off.

Saturday 4-14:

Waterbury TBT: Week 6 Workout1 2x18 120sec rest Antagonist

Mobility complex warmup w/ bar.

  1. F. Squat 155 hard

  2. GM 155 hard

  3. Dips bw good/hard

  4. “dual” cable rows 70 good/hard

  5. Seated preacher curl EZ w/ 25s on the ends HARD

  6. Tri french pres with same weight good/hard

Later I cut down a tree in the back yard…I can’t believe how hard and sore I was doing it.

So I’ve gotten soft. Time to lean up a bit. A friend’s wife gave us an idea. We are creating a “Pink Hat Challenge”. On Wednesday, we have the weigh in. I guess the scale does BF% too. So we’ll track them from Wednesday until June 1st. Whoever loses the least as a percentage of total (he’s a lot bigger than I am), will have to wear his wife’s big, pink “garden” hat to work. Pictures will have to be taken.

Or at least that’s the plan right now. We can edit up 'till Wednesday.

My plan now is:

  1. Firm up my diet. (especially cut the beer consumption). I’ll write more on this as I plan it.
  2. add HIIT sprints on my off days (or make sure I get in tabatas if no time).
  3. Stay on TBT. Haven’t decided what to do when it ends… open to suggestions…contemplating the Waterbury summer challenge

Sunday: missed a planned jog/sprint session, so I made it up the following morning

Monday 4-16:

6am ish Tabata burpees. around 5-8. Only five on last! I hope that was b/c of the morning hour.

Evening: TBT 2x8 60 sec rest Antagonist

Mobility complex warmup (really modified b/c waiting for the rack and no bar for awhile).

  1. Sumo deads 295 -forgot straps. Grip issues (although not as bad as expected w/o straps) Finished.

  2. F. Squat 195 -good

  3. push press 135 -good/easy

  4. Pullups BW -good

  5. Hanging pike (shins to bar) BW -good/hard
    (not antagonist)

  6. Calves on leg press machine. easy -16reps on last set.

Stretched for 15min while I waited for my wife to finish up the class she was taking.