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I was wondering if anybody else out there has this problem. Because of my job and family life, I have to get up early in the morning (4:45a.m) to workout. I actually like getting up that early, but over the last 3 weeks I’ve had a lot of trouble waking up and getting to the gym. I was on a “steroid diet” so maybe the lack of calories made me feel tired, but I’ve been back on a bodybuilding diet for 3 days now with no real change in energy. Is anybody out there in the same, similar, situation and how do you get past this problem?

I haven’t any suggestions, but it took me about 5 weeks after a long diet to get back to feeling normal.

If you can swing it, try working out in the evening. I always have more energy at night.Getting up early almost always leaves you with less sleep than you need, which could be your problem.

I get up around 6 to workout in my basement. Sometimes I don’t have the energy and just have to force myself through it knowing that the only satisfaction will be knowing that I “gutted it out” and finished the job. You might try some really stiff coffee, that can get me a boost.
Just don’t give up. Look at your goals long term, know that you will have negative times.
If I feel I need extra energy, I will take about 2 tablespoons of honey and hold it in my mouth and then swallow it. You’ll burn it off in the workout.

Quit making excuses and get in the gym and workout with intensity or I will have Demo Dick kick you ass while Goldberg does splits in front of you and MonkeyBoy Eric bites your ear off.

To Avoid Roids:
Hey dude, I’ve been kicking plenty of ass in the gym. I’ve gained 37 lbs in just 5 months. I’m used to taking in well over 3,000 cal. a day, but only 1,600 on this “steroid diet” just wiped me out. But thanks for the motivation.

To V2:
Thanks for the help. I can’t wait 'till I buy a house so I can just buy an awesome gym and stop driving out to a gym where all these guys who don’t know what the fuck they are doing are using the shit that I want. Thanks again.

Hey man, I hear ya…

I also have to work out in the morning…however I start lifting at 5:00, so I get up at 4:15 A.M. to slug some coffee, catch up on my email and get jacked to throw some weight around.

I found it tough for about the first 2 months, then it got to be habit to just get up and do it. As far as energy…coffee is my best friend. Two cups and some hardcore mp3s and I’m ready to go! :wink:

Good luck!!!

this semester i basically got my ass in shape- i had a ton of free time and got to the gym first thing each day at least 5x a week. unfortunately as of this monday i’m gonna pretty much be ultra busy until september-i simply cannot work out when it’s dark out…call it a psychological thing, but i need to look outside and see light in order to be able to get a good workout and good burn…actually i just gave the late, nighttime workout a try a few hours ago-i did a meager biceps workout and sped home early…it’s gonna be a tough situation, but i figure you just have to constantly make adjustments in order to accomodate a “healthy lifestyle”…i think starting this monday i’m gonna be waking up EXTRA early (5am), goin to the gym (its 24 hrs), then goin to work and headin to bed early each day…it seems the only way i could accomodate my schedule and my neurotic obsession w. daytime workouts…

I get up at the same time that you do but I prefer to workout when I get home from work in my basement. I suggest you buy some Powerdrive it will give you a boost believe me, I use it and it really works.